How do I properly extract and viwer background images from ps 2 game?

Started by comicmaster140, July 21, 2020, 11:57:33 PM

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For a personal project of mine im looking to extract a certain background image from SakuraWars V but I dont know of anyways or tools I would need to extract and viwer background images from ps 2 game. Can anyone help me and give me helpful advice.


If it is a simple extraction for another project is there not an option to grab it from an emulator (don't know if PCSX2 or a debugger version of it has a nice texture viewer like many other emulators) or disable layers in an emulator to get rid of any text, characters, other UI elements and then take a screenshot?

Still being a PS2 game then find something that can pull apart DVD images and have a look inside. PS1 and PS2 games commonly make use of a format called TIM, with the PS2 also seeing TIM2 plus various others.

Whether that will be a format used in this game I don't know but worth knowing about in case you did see some.