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Final Fantasy Ultra

Started by RobertAugustdeMeijer, November 05, 2015, 05:25:25 PM

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One thing I can suggest so far (I'm only in the 2nd town) is some sort of "instruction manual" text file with some explanations of some of the changed items.  Packaging a list of spell effects, class summaries, and explaining what counts as "direct" and "indirect" magic would be super helpful, especially as there is at least 1 spell I feel doesn't really fit where it's at in the dichotomy (WILL).

I like a lot of the stuff going on in the hack so far, but I just feel like some sort of short starters guide packaged with the patch would help players a lot more than doing a lot of trial and error.

1 thing I haven't liked so far is the stat progression.  It seems like everyone (including non-magic using classes) gain MP at a similar rate, and HP at also a somewhat similar rate, albeit with my Sage less than the other classes.  I did always like the originals balance as far as classes went in this respect, and especially since Magic is so much more powerful in this hack (read: useful), I don't think a little more glass cannon is totally uncalled for here.


I'll be working on a FAQ/Walkthrough soon enough: I have indeed overestimated how clear the spells and equipment was.

As for the glass cannon thing: At the start of the game, there's little worry of characters dying. But by the second half, you'll really notice who's wearing which armor type. One thing though: I tried to balance the game so that it's beatable with any combination of classes. This meant reducing the amount of times a character would be killed in one hit. I'm very happy with the results, as I think it's a good mix of differences between classes, and every class being able to withstand enough damage.


I'm probably ~3/4 of the way through the hack so far, and I think you're kind of right on making HP progression more friendly.  I certainly notice who's wearing what, but my Sage with a Merlin Robe (which is surprisingly easy to get) seems pretty durable.  Actually, I think access the the special equips from the optional side-dungeons is easy enough to get that it could be a BIT harder IMO, but I understand your point about balancing.

Some hints as far as key items locations would be pretty helpful (I still can't find the canoe!), but I think you did a good job of sticking side dungeons around the world map.

Overall though, even though I'm complaining, I think this is a really good hack.  I actually use "indirect" spells a lot more than I've ever used them in past FF1/FF1 hack runs, and I think you can build a much more strategic party than in any other version I've played. (I'm running a Viking, Ranger, Monk, and Sage right now)


The canoe is in the Crescent town: talk to the guy in the upper left corner. I hope you've at least found the airship!

I think you have a point about the bonus dungeons being perhaps too easy. I want them to be able to be done in any order, so two of them are always going to be a bit on the easy side. Another things is, they have maze like tendencies, so they get even easier if you know which way you're going. Finally, most folks, not knowing where to go and such, will have extra xp from random battles (but I want the game to be beatable without grinding if you know the game well). I'll keep an eye on this.


really enjoying this hack! I've made it to the Temple of Fiends (Past), but the stone plate in the water section doesn't want to budge. I've tried the Rod and Lute (and every other item) with no success. Is this a glitch or did i simply overlook something?


Yups, the rod and lute aren't working correctly. You can use the alternative portal to the right. The portal on the next floor (requiring the cube) works fine though. Glad to hear you've made it so far and enjoying it!


I was wondering if anybody had the chops to fix the Lute and Rod bug on this rom. It would be such a nice finishing touch!  8)


Thanks for the hack!  Loving it.  Running Rogue/Viking/Priest/Warlock and man that black attack magic is unreal.  I'm assuming this hack has no class change in it.

Where are these early game spots for tougher enemies?  You mentioned them but never really got specific about where they are specifically.  I'd love to try them, but have no idea where to start searching.  Are they better than the old Zombul/Troll + Giants at PNEoP?


The first (and hardest) is the good ol' Peninsula of Power.
The second is the bit of swamp south of the second town.
The third is the swamp east of the Elf town.

Glad to hear you're enjoying the game! If you're stuck anywhere, check out this walkthrough:


I could not find the Peninsula of Power since you moved the landmasses around and cut off parts of it.  Looked around Pravoka and tried a few spots, mainly the land directly south of the Northern continent Peninsula with no luck.

Another question and I'll leave you alone, there's no class upgrade?

Edit:  Nevermind on the PoP.  Managed to stumble onto your youtube videos and it showed me that it doesn't show on the map SE of Pravoka, but is actually there.


Nope, no class upgrades. But six new classes  :angel:

Yups, the PoP is still there, it's just a different route.


Did you change your hack since June 2015?  I watched your video getting the Oxyale in the caravan dungeon, but I am currently in there, and the final room is different than which is shown in your vid.  In your vid the final room is the Oxyale between some statues.  In the one I am playing, the final room has a table and 2 chairs, and a chest that gave me a piece of equipment. 

Then the dungeon ends, there's no Oxyale to be found unless you moved it.  Also I noticed right after the room with the Oxyale in your video you walk a few steps south and you exit to the world map.  In the one I am playing, you don't exit, but can walk around the inner desert area in the dungeon to finally exit to the world map to the northeast by wrapping around.


Indeed, there are some changes from the Let's Play I've made.
The Oxyale is still in the same area, but it's not in the chest anymore!

You can find it in the water now!


Ah thanks.  I got scared and thought I had a buggy rom patch.  Headed back in there now.  I know exactly where you're talking about. :)

February 08, 2016, 05:58:33 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

I beat it, woo hoo, what fun.  I am about to start my next playthrough and have a couple last questions because I am planning on a Ranger/Monk/Warlock/Sage party.

1) How many spell charges do Sages/Rangers/Monks get in each tier of magic?

2) Rangers and Monks have access to Haste 2, Temper 2, and Invis 2?  Does the "weaker" casting make the potency of them weaker?

3) Is Ranger healing spells a lot weaker than Priest?  Do you know how much?  AoE heal 3s for less than 100 hp would not help much.  Nor would Cure 3s hitting for less than 100 if my Priest can cast them for 200 or so a pop.

4) Is Monk damage end game balanced with those new ultimate class weapons in mind?  Seems Monks would get the shaft on what weapons are strong against what type of enemy, since they get no weapon and must remain with their fists, unless you balanced their end game damage around level 30-35 already with this in mind.



Rock and roll, Pesmergia! Glad to hear you like it so much you immediately want to try another party. I hope feels like a fresh run!

Some answers:
1) Rangers and Monks (and Paladins and Ninjas) have about half the amount of spells as Clerics/Warlocks/Priests/Wizards. That means they'll have one of two level 7 spells by the time you beat the game (although you can grind your way to them having level 8 spells)

2) Haste2, Temper1/2/3, Invs1/2 and the like are all the same when it comes to casting power. To be honest, the intelligence stat doesn't play a huge role in the game; tweaking it is a hastle.

3). I feel like the Ranger's heal 2 and 3 spells are about 20% weaker than the priest's. You're probably best off giving heal spells to both the ranger and Sage.

4) The Monk doesn't really amazingly hard compared to the others. When he gets his 8th hit, the others start getting super weapons. But he's great to buff with Temper. To me he feels balanced, but with your party having such a huge access to spells, you might consider getting a Viking if you really want to min/max.


Good LORD this Ranger/Monk/Warlock/Sage party is EXPENSIVE.  Every single one of them can use most, if not ALL spells.  I am grinding 2x-4x Giants at PoP before I head into the Earth Cave to get a head start on spells.  I am lacking so many still of the level 1-5 ones.  This is going to take FOREVER to grind the money for all of these, I shudder to think of the level 7-8 spells with this group.  (Yes I plan on grinding to 50)

This party is the most fun I've ever had in FF1.  It doesn't take damage well.  Monk can buff with Tempr+Invis+Shield+Haste as well as CLNS/PURG and even has access to exit so I can keep the offensive spells rolling on my Ranger and Sage.  It's basically a heavy caster party also with the huge utility of a cleric, and decent melee damage.  Ranger/Sage can manage spell charges and nuke on one tier while healing on the other tiers when needed.  And I STILL have the Warlock as a dedicated nuker/AoE nuker.  The damage is quite awesome.

By golly I am in heaven with this group.  Only downside is that it's VERY PAINFUL to get started with this group at the beginning up to the Earth Cave, due to spell charges coming noticeably slower on the Ranger mainly, the Sage is lagging behind the Warlock but not too much....yet.


Magic is indeed expensive, but powerful.

I want players to consider which spell they want first, second and perhaps third.
But if you get every chest in the game and don't spend too much on Cure potions, you should usually exit a part of the game having most of the spells.


Game 95% finished with Ranger/Monk/Warlock/Sage.  I am nearly level 38 with every dungeon cleared but the final one.  Tons of grinding for gold and still I am missing about 400k worth of spells.  I'd have to grind to 40 at least to get this.

What do you consider the best leveling spot in the game?  I've looked everywhere and the best spot I found is the last floor of the Time Tower bonus dungeon with the inn and the Guards/Sentries/Magiteks/Sages/PinkPuff monsters.  The Holy bonus dungeon felt a lot weaker.  If you're into power leveling I usually do PoP to 20s > WizGiants and Basilisks outside the Papyrus dungeon till 30s, then Time Tower.

Starting my third playthrough soon, cannot decide on last slot.  Paladin/X/Wizard/Sage.  Any recommendations for the 2nd slot?  I like crazy weird/different parties.  Hung on just gnabbing a Viking/Monk, or possibly tossing in another Warlock for yet another magic heavy party, not sure yet, since Warlock picks up spell charges very quickly.  Paladin could use heal1-4 + cures to help the Sage keep up, while the Sage can spend some charges nuking to help the Warlock, along with the Wizard tossing debuffs out to help them both, while he can conserve his charges since he attacks well.

Plus for bosses that would give me SLD2 with Paladin, Haste 2/Temper 3 with Wizard to use on Wizard since he hits well, and INVS2 +Shell with Sage as well as WILL + another will from the Willring.  Having melee in this game makes bosses way too easy.  My Monk tossed out a 3300 melee attack against Tiamat (I think) in the low 30s as soon as he got his 12th hit, and straight up rocked the boss with 2 of those back to back.  The way TMPR/HST is balanced is way off.  HST is probably hard coded that way, but surely TMPR could be lowered in effectiveness.  It makes bosses trivial, and bosses merely feel like a slightly harder regular encounter. 

The strongest black magic hits for 700-900ish on bosses (Flare) and that's nearly 4 times less than what melee attacks are capable of with just 1 x HST2 and 1x TPR3 used on my monk, all which was done on one turn by my Sage + Ranger.


Since Paladin/Wizard/Sage has access to all spells, I would go for the Viking or Rogue. A neat thing is, the Sage would then have to get two indirect white spells and nuke spells (if you want all spells). So the Paladin has to do all the healing. I bet a smart player can manage doing that and actually breeze through the game by using the right spells at the right time (and running away, hah).

It could also be fun finding out who makes a better leader: Rogue or Paladin. Also: since you know your way around now, you can 'steal' the Rogue's best weapon early on and have fun with that!

I've taken note of what you say about bosses. They all have harder attacks while the fight progresses, so the timing of buffs and attacking is critical. You get extra time against bosses with SHEL and SHLD, true, but you might not still have those spells by the time you make it to the boss. If you do, you probably went back and forth a lot in the dungeon. Maybe I'm wrong about my assumptions.
My philosophy is that if you take the time to grind and search out the dungeon, the boss is going to be quite doable; that's the reward for being well-prepared. If players want to head right into the boss, that's also possible, but the odds are more against you.
Parties with access to buffs also take longer to deal with trash mobs.
Finally, I want the game to be beatable by any 4x different character (no Fools) combination, which means I bosses have to be beatable by a team with Thief, Ninja, Warlock, Viking.

I'm quite happy with the balance of the bosses, but it's good to hear what people are saying and I'm taking notes for further projects. So sincere thanks!

Oh yeah, I'm happy with the Monk hitting so hard after two buffs at level 38. He's a subpar class up until the later phases, so I'll let him enjoy being the best all the way at the end : )


Oh no he hit for 3300 at level 29-31 whenever I got my 12th hit on my Monk.  Afterwards I directly headed to the Ice bonus dungeon and did the same thing.