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DKC Rearranged!

Started by rainbwsprinklez, August 23, 2017, 10:35:28 PM

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Hey guys, I'm working on a fresh new DKC hack. I already have the vertical levels done, only 3 other levels done. I started out of order. I did Capers first and recently finished TuT. This hack is meant for speedrunners. There'll be written references and MAY be some mandatory glitches. Brush up on superjumps guys  ;) Also important to note I am doing everything in a text editor. I started with Notepad++ and recently switched to Frhed. I like the challenge :) I am ONLY moving around entities and changing text. Nothing with terrain.

Awww the challenge is done. It is boring now. Why can't there be more water levels??

Bananas are unchanged too

You may ask why I don't use DKCRE. Honestly? That changes the game too much. I am minimalist. And it is a bit too laggy for me. Also, I can't do a specific trick in DKCRE, which is my main reason for not using it.
Anything is possible :)


The trailer looks much like the original DKC.  I guess I'm not sufficiently familiar with it.

Might I ask where you got your music from?
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The music I got from a Youtube vid. I ripped it off :) The terrain is 100% the same, which is why it looks so similar. It is not so much a "hack" as it is a rearrangement.
Anything is possible :)


I also think that the song I brought from youtube is the same.


Needs more variety IMO seems like you got a little trigger happy with the mincers and Manky Kongs.