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Need help stopping 2 sprites from looping in S3&K

Started by Avi, December 02, 2015, 11:09:25 PM

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These two sprites loop a few times: in the idle animation, but I want to stop them from looping. Is there a way to do so? I've only had experience editing the sprites so far, and replacing them, but I have no idea how to code and such.


We could cover how to disassemble animation routines and figure out formats and whatever else, however doing the forest for the trees thing (assuming you want to get rid of them and not gain the space back for something else) I have to ask why you don't just copy and paste some of the other frames you can live with? The two frames to the immediate left of the ones in question looking like good candidates.
The only problems you are likely to encounter doing that are if the palettes are radically different, however I do not imagine that will be the case on the megadrive; I usually only see that on newer systems with higher level development tools and it is not that bad when it does happen. The other problem would be hitboxes (what I imagine that yellow dashed line represents in that image) but that is probably not going to trouble you either in this instance


I think I sort of understand how to edit animations now after a bit of googling. But for some reason, SonMapED, the editor I use, doesn't do anything when I select load animations...

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I eventually solved it by using Notepad++. Is there a way to close this thread?