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Online Disassembler

Started by RyanfaeScotland, October 21, 2015, 10:15:54 AM

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Hey guys,

Was having a look around for a 68K disassembler and stumbled across this site: but couldn't see any reference to it on RHDN so thought it was worth flagging.

Looks to be pretty promising, plenty of architectures available and a very simple UI, but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet with being at work.

Anyone else ever came across it or made any use of it, for 68K or otherwise?


I had not heard of it before but fired a sample of GBA ROM through it and it worked pretty well. I do not think it would have ever occurred to me to use a browser for such things though -- raw disassembly is so unhelpful for most things and my browser's lack of regex on the search is not going to help matters, though this at least allowed me to click and follow branches.
On the other hand it is a nice little tool I am sure would be handy for when I am not at my machine which is geared for hacking and just need something basic, especially as that has a more than respectable selection of instruction sets it supports.


It's definitely a neat disassembler. I've used it for some of my projects. There are a few issues with it, such as the 256kb filesize limit (which you can get around by separating them in a hex editor) and the fact that the converted file needs a lot of conversions by hand to be compatible with an assembler. Still,  it's usable and free, and I think it's the only 68K disassembler worth using that's free, so it's got all that going for it.