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´bad rom` error in snes patching

Started by Timaeus, October 24, 2015, 09:23:57 AM

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 When I tryed to patch a snes rom,with lunar ips,it keep getting a bad rom.The rom is in .smc,NOT .sfc(repeat,NOT sfc).The emulator run the original smc rom,but when I apply the ips,it says bad rom.I tried wasabi,and nothing.I couldn´t find a utilities to help with it.And all the videos I found uses what I tried to use,but it doesn´t work to me.I tried zsnes auto´patch(rename both files with the same name),and bad rom. Please someone help me


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Its either the patch is for a headered or non-headered rom.


 I´ve tried both smc and sfc roms(original),both have a good checksum obviosly,and the zip file that contains the ips says a corrupt,bad checksum.all of then(original smc,sfc and ip)says none headers,so it doesn´t contain it,and the patched rom(both smc and sfc original bases)says : headers:exists(type?).What should I do about it?


Sounds like you should add a header to the ROM, and then apply the patch.
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Since I don't know if it's been clearly stated: does the game actually play correctly?

If this is purely about the "bad checksum" message, it's pretty normal with SNES hacks. Few patches bother with updating the checksum because neither emulators nor (from what I read) real hardware care if it's accurate.
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 I downloaded snesx9,tried that thing of placing both ip and smc at the same folder,downloaded a Super Mario World - Clean Rom.smc(this roms opens,but doesn´t work properly either),thied a lot of thing showes in yt and nothing.Those clean rom verifier things doesn´t open and says that it doesn´t exists.Not even the tutorials of that other site help

Seriosly,this is a shit

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The readme says apply to Super Mario World (U) [!].smc,a did and ...well you know


What romhack/patch are you trying to use?


SMW hacks requires headered smw rom.

Download this tool, run your original, unedited rom through it, and then patch ips file to the rom you run through it, then it should work.

If it doesn't work, find different rom and run it through romclean again etc.


Oh my,I can´t believe it was so easy.Thank you very much  :)