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Mario Kart fanatics here?

Started by Yoshistar95, October 20, 2015, 08:05:17 PM

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Been a long since my last visit!

Anyone who plays Mario Kart a lot? Any title counts, ranging from SMK to MK8 :)

I'm more into retro with MK64, I happen to be very good at this game (#24 in the world currently) and WRs are still improving almost every month!

I only miss MKDD in my collection, I did bought one, but the disc was somehow bad (couldn't load, but was recognized by my Gamecube, Wii has different error), so I had to return it. (unable to fix sadly)

I've recently began racing online in MK7, around 3,000 points now and rising. I never really bothered going into Time Trails as I hate the new mechanics, I prefer the good 'ol MT charge with wiggling your joystick or D-pad.
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It's frightening to think of the requirements for unlocking the Golden Kart in MK7 – either a rank of 10,000 or 20,000 coins.  That's a commitment of a hundred hours or more, I figure – and half the time I can't even manage to get online when I bother trying.  (My VR is a little more than 2600 at the moment.)  Staggering.

I've tried playing MKDS on my 3DS XL, and it's viciously uncomfortable; it seems to me you need to use the D-pad and the left shoulder button (since the circle pad doesn't seem to have enough precision for snaking), which is too much of a stretch for my hands.  But it seems to look much nicer with those fancy upscaling DS emulators anyway.
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"I only miss MKDD in my collection"
You have the arcade ones as well?

I find most versions of Mario Kart enjoyable, though I tend to skip the mode7 ones. However I think they are quite flawed games in a lot of ways, especially in terms of menu options (compare smash brothers menus on a given console to MK) which is doubly annoying when other games consider them the gold standard for the gameplay style and subsequently make a weak copy of it rather than trying to surpass it.


I don't count arcade titles.

Yeah the requirements for unlocking parts in MK7 is insane, MKDS is piece of cake, MKW a bit more difficult (never could reach 3 stars lol) and MK8 idk, I bought the Wii U with MK8 included since it's no longer console only....

I think it might be possible through save editing to get the golden parts, but as far I know you only can backup ghost data. (and if you like, sharing them with others! (which is not possible in an official way)

I agree that the last few titles are getting rubbish, MKW is literally the last good one imo even though they changed the mini turbo. Too bad online racing became shit thanks to hackers (idk how things are going through wiimmfi)

And you definitely either need a DS Lite or a phat for MKDS (imo DSI XL works too, but they are like "nope"), because you can then get consistent snaking. Amazingly my best record on rFS 3lap is done on my DSi XL which is hard to beat even when I try it on my phat, guess it's more like getting used to whatever handheld type you use :)
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