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Addams Family (Genesis/Mega Drive) Color Hack

Started by Fray, February 09, 2023, 02:46:42 PM

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Hi everyone, I'm working on a color hack for the Addams Family game for the Sega Genesis. It all started when I realized that the stairs scenario was bad compared to the Snes version. So little by little, always using the Snes version as a base, I started to change the colors of the game. Other than that, I've noticed that there are some problems with the portraits and with some backgrounds (see images).
And this is where I need your help to complete my hack. I need a good graphic editor tool for genesis, because I usually use Tile molester and I've seen that it doesn't show all the tiles. Surely there will be a way to do this, so please help me.

Issues and possible improvements (mockup):


Thanks to the help of Pyron, LightRayn and tacoschip this project continues. Here is a small update of the project:
  • Enhanced some palettes to achieve more colourful graphics (where possible);
  • We managed to unpack the compressed graphics to be able to edit it, as shown in the photo;
  • Now I just have to edit the tiles, find some more assets and recompress everything.
  • And also with the help and attention of tacoschip I fixed a pixel flickering in Gomez's sprite when he's in the waiting position.
And that's all for now.


Looks like a very promising color hack, much more closer to the SNES version indeed!  :thumbsup: