Assault Suits Leynos 2 translation help

Started by reyvgm, April 07, 2016, 01:29:25 AM

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Hey guys.

Could anyone translate these lines from the Saturn Assault Suits Leynos 2 whenever you get a chance? Sorry for the big images, but that part is in high resolution  ;D


Your translating this game! Awesome! I've never would've thought anyone be doing this specific game, good luck on the project ;D


Quote from: DSwizzy145 on April 10, 2016, 06:04:39 PM
Your translating this game! Awesome! I've never would've thought anyone be doing this specific game, good luck on the project ;D

Translating without a text dump?
Err... If I were in your shoes I'd temper my expectations a tiny bit.
I think it's rather for something like this using Paint and a program to edit D3D/OpenGL textures in emulators on the fly but not permanently, just enough for a nice screenshot.


I don't think rey does translations.
My guess the stuff he requests is for Video Game Museum, a game screenshot archive. (I believe it was called that, sorry it's been awhile since I visited.)
One of the sections is for game endings, and if I recall one of the requirements for an ending to be hosted is to either be an English-language game (since it is an English-language site) or to have a translation provided.
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Sorry, I didn't meant it to sound as if I was hacking this game. As GHANMI and KingMike said, it mostly to translate the images and not the actual ROM (unfortunately).


On topic:

I've taken a crack at it - as I'm not familiar with the series, the actual translation of places/names may be incorrect (I used google translate/romanji to help there).

Here's some (very rough!) translation - kinda hard to rewrite the sentences into good flowing English (especially the conversation ones)

[RIF day 16 = republic]
Colonel Muhammad of Sanreru Republic lead the 4th Armor Platoon at point sector SFE-C7360 claiming battlestation Hadeia from the Zenesu force, completing the reclaimation of this sector.

On the previous day, according to the Sanreru Republic Government press conference, republic army fortress obtained from the Zenesu production database data on AS (Assault Suit) prototype and mass produced weaponary. As a result the Sanreru forces have developed the next generation AS.<insert alpha symbol> (Alpha) series, which is being trialed and in the distance future, rolled out as a highly capable model....

Furthermore, reporters were attempting to confirm the existance of a group of special forces within the Sanreru Republic Government which is being denied as baseless conjecture...

First Screen:
"All of them... A bunch of monkeys...?
Can't be true!!"
<lots of expression here but it sounds like he's not happy about it!>

Second Screen:
"Can't, can't seem to stop falling
At this rate..."
"oi, Ky...
oi, Kyle..."
"Why are you practicing diving in this place?"

Third Screen:
"yo, how are you feeling?"
hahaha, the worse."
"Pull yourself together
Tonight's dinner is on you"
"Just serve me alcohol.
100 year old one would be nice"
"It might be worthwhile to
just let this burn..."
(my guess is he's in the test machine and failing to control the machine, since dinner is on him he wants to skip out by crashing the machine as a joke)


Thanks Euclid, I tried to look for a story summary somewhere for context, but I couldn't find one.

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