Captain Tsubasa VS Gameboy English Translation Started

Started by reprep, October 07, 2015, 12:14:27 PM

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I decided to have a look at this game, it seems noone tried it until now. I translated main menu and some in-game actions like SHOT, PASS etc. That is now a very basic translation, it will just let you know what you are doing, nothing more.

Unfortunately i can't find how player names, team names and some other stuff is stored in rom, some kind of text compression?

Anyways, unless i figure out how to translate player and team names, i won't get very far.

Here would be a pic if i could make "Insert Image" option work.

v0.01: English characters inserted, only main menu and in-game action commands translated. Any help regarding about how the player names/team names are stored would be appreciated. Apply it to the untouched Japanese gameboy rom.

v0.1 Found out how player names/team names are stored. Replaced all of first opponent team players and Nankatsu. Translated all normal moves (special moves have to wait) corrected most (not all) in-game narrations. Left to do: translate the left in-game narration and special moves. Translate the remaining player names for other opponent teams, do some cleanup. Cut scenes before/after the game are not translated and will not be translated unless a Japanese-English translator contacts me. It is playable/enjoyable as in current situation and it will let you enjoy the game. Hope you like it, it is a great game. As always, apply it to the untouched Japanese gameboy rom.

Here is the video of the latest version, i did so much more after v0.1. I am still looking for a Japanese-English translator to translate intros, coach advices and in-game cut-scenes etc.


Quote from: reprep on October 07, 2015, 12:14:27 PM

Here would be a pic if i could make "Insert Image" option work.

Upload to an image site like imgur or Photobucket. Then insert [ img ]link goes here[ /img ], no spaces in the message.
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