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Author Topic: My Metroid Hack  (Read 562 times)


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My Metroid Hack
« on: February 02, 2018, 05:38:09 pm »
Hi all.
I've made some adjustments and changes to the many existing Metroid hacks and I wanted to share my work, I hope you Enjoy it.
See below for changes.
FYI this hack is intended for use with the included Lua script.

This hack is the combination of various individual hacks.
I do not claim any credit for the actual content.

All credits go to the below listed hacks and their individual authors and probable more:

Things I've added
This hack was intended for use with the Lua script so...
I removed the automap
Adjusted the HUD display
Removed the low health beep

Now for the Lua script changes
Made it so you can collect all 8 Energy Tanks, that's why Low health beap was removed
You can now stack Ice and Wave beams
Removed the counter for the blocks
Removed the game clock

I made a few map changes, I used Zero Mission as my premise for the changes
You can no longer get Ice Beam in Brinstar, in its place is a missle expansion I took from Norfair.
Added a ledge in the vertical shaft to Varia Suit, so it is much hard to sequence break by bomb jumping, now
you will need Hi-Jump Boots and a wall jump to get in.
Remodeled the empty upper right corridors in Kraid's area to resemble the same area from Zero Mission,
your reward is an Energy Tank I moved from Kraid's Boss room.
A few other small changes here and there.

Now for the people who've done the real work. Many Thanks.

Metroid + Saving (v 0.3) - snarfblam:

Better icebeam and bombs
MDbtroid - Infinity’s End:

Nicer titlescreen
Nicer endings
Updated run animation
Updated player sprite (suited and suitless)
Updated enemy sprites
Enlarged and updated Kraid and Ridley
Updated Mother Brain
Various updated tiles
‘Roidz - DemickXII:

Nicer background tiles
Animated lava, doors and elevators
Animated corridors
Animated Norfair (Ridley level)
Animated Tourian (Mother Brain level)
Various updated tiles
/dACE a.k.a Nitendo

Metroid mOTHER

Wall Jump

Maximum Potion
Start With Max Health

vivify93 and ShadowOne333
Metroid mOTHER Galactic Edition-3
Compiling various hacks
Adding Pause & Up+A for contine

Tahnks to Dirty McDingus ( and TRaCER. for the Metroid Source Code

Wow! That is a lot of people pouring time, hard work, and love into this classic game. Thanks again to everyone who mods Metroid.