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Author Topic: Asking for a Translation favor that you are free to ignore  (Read 1703 times)


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Asking for a Translation favor that you are free to ignore
« on: November 21, 2015, 09:21:28 am »
Ahh crap. Sorry. Didn't read the forum rules first. Should have put this in the help wanted section. Mods, delete.

Through my work with Tecmo Super Bowl and, I've managed to score an interview with the composer Keiji Yamagishi (aka More Yamasan), lead composer for Tecmo in the early 90's (Tecmo Super Bowl, Captain Tsubasa, Ninja Gaiden, etc). I gave him a list of questions and he was nice enough to send thoughtful responses.

The only problem is that his responses are (obviously) in Japanese and Google Translate makes little sense. I was going to scour fiverr but figured I'd come here first since i know the quality of work will be better here. Anyone willing to help me translate his answers? I'm willing to pay a bit, but the budget for this piece isn't high to begin with so i can't offer much. Maybe in the $20 range?

PM me if you're interested.