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Breath of Fire 3..........Again?

Started by soniceslash, September 24, 2015, 08:18:55 AM

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Hi guys, i'm new here, but it's for a good cause, who's don't played BoF3?! I know that was talked before, but let me say this, the game is great! but there's some things on it that bored me a lot, like the way that the characters run, the basic attack animation (they use invisible wave attacks, cause they don't actually HIT the enemy) and the sprites design of Garr, Nina and Ryu (child). So i'm asking this, if i made sprites that correspond the exact chars pics like this ones: ... e.jpg.html ... 3_nina.jpg

anyone can import this ones to the game? And if i have "Run" sprites animation, can someone put it on the place of the normal "walking" speed animation?!
Or maybe show/indicate a tutorial that i can learn how to do so, you know, i'm looking for something like that in a lot of forums =/

It's not illegal, cause i will do it on my game and i will not distribute it for everyone *WinK**Wink* :woot!: :police:

thx by your time

P.s: Sorry for any error on english =P


Your links do not work. Upload them on imgur.

As for your suggestions, this issue was solved in Breath of Fire IV, but I know what you mean.
Still, only people who hacked Breath Of Fire III before, can actually help you.


Yeah on BoFIV they arranged that, but i want to do this on BoF3 too =D
the links are just tha "animation" of Ryu walking and of Nina in game, i will check the link that you pass =D

Thanks for the answer!