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Author Topic: Trying to make a table for Jungle Wars (gb)  (Read 1564 times)


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Trying to make a table for Jungle Wars (gb)
« on: September 20, 2015, 08:20:24 pm »
Hi. First of all, I'm not intending to translate this game on my own, I lack both Japanese knowledge and programming skills to do so. My Japanese level is low, I've been studying it for about a year on my own so I can understand a few things, but I'm still far from being fluent. To add some background to my intentions with this game, It's just that it was the first japanese-only RPG that I managed to complete back to when I was a teenager and I've been from then looking forward to seeing it translated. Furthermore, I think it's a very good RPG for such a limited machine as the gameboy.

I'm aware KingMike is doing something with this game, but I don't know if he has gotten far with it or if he plans to fully translate it eventually.

Well. Fact is, I was just fiddling a little, trying to see how far I can reach, and so far I've been able to identify the hex codes for almost every character used in the Japanese text. Problem is, there are some characters that I haven't been able to identify. It's as if they were nowhere to be found. These characters are, for instance, the katakana symbols for E, NU, NO, SE, SO, YO, YU, WA, WO, the small katakana yo and the small katakana yu, to name a few.

If you assign any of this characters to the hero's name in the name entering screen, (only up to 4 letters) the 4 selected characters will be assigned to the hex values 73, 74, 75, and 76. If you enter a name not containing any of the aforementioned chars (for instance "komatta", which is how the game names the hero, using hiragana, if you select "END" without writting any name) those hex values will contain strange characters which I can't define. I've attached an image to illustrate this:

I'm really puzzled about this, because I don't know how any of those characters are used in the game if they seem to be in some kind of "limbo", so to speak. I'd be grateful if anyone with more knowledge than me could bring some light to the subject.
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Re: Trying to make a table for Jungle Wars (gb)
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2015, 09:46:11 pm »
Most likely those characters are unused in normal text. Loading the game up in bgb and opening the VRAM viewer, it seems that if those characters are used then it will draw the player's name to those 4 tiles.

As for how much progress I've made, I've dumped the script but it looks like I'll need to a playthrough to find all the pointers as they seem to be embedded in the ASM.
I've been doing a simple "make the game barely playable in 'English'" hack with machine-aided translation horribly chopped to fit space limits, though I do plan to do another passover later to do expansion work to make a good translation possible to insert.
(I had a previous hack done but it went wrong somewhere with bugs such as crazy character stat changes at level-up)
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