Captain Tsubasa III - Koutei no Chousen SNES English Translation Released

Started by reprep, September 20, 2015, 04:05:15 PM

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Hi everybody,

Here is my first translation project.

As a fan of Captain Tsubasa series (well the early ones actually) i decided to translate this game. It has all the goodies Captain Tsubasa 2 offers with a better engine. Unfortunately, only translation i could find was the Spanish one. This English translation is based on the Spanish translation. I didn't translate story, only narration and in-game menus. As this is a quick job, you will notice errors here and there, and there are some Spanish stuff left untranslated as i "play and translate".

You can report bugs but i am not sure i can fix them really. I am no hacker and this is my first translation project.

If anyone is interested, i can share the table file too.

My thanks goes to Spanish translation team:

Use the .ips over a vanilla Japanese rom. No readme, no notes, no nothing. Sorry.



Much better new version 0.01:

a simple video (not the latest version i posted here, i did some corrections after that)



First of all thanx for your efforts. I checked your translation with my friend which is a huge Captain Tsubasa fan like me.

We looked at the all-star mode and there were still lots of names left in Spanish, like Armand and David, which are Matsuyama and Nitta in fact. And there were lots of Spanish in game commentary.

I recommend you to make a control for the names both in story mode and all-star mode. And try to make in game commentary in English, at least for the super move names.


Version 0.01 released.

Cutscenes in story mode is translated up to 8th Team. Unfortunately rest of the cutscenes are untranslated in Spanish translation, so there is not much i can do unless a willing Japanese-English translator contacts me.

Couch advices are translated up to 14th team (except team 3). I am translating them as i play so i plan to translate all couch advices when i finish the game.

In-game dialogues are mostly translated.

Super shots etc. are mostly translated, some of them are still in Spanish, it means i haven't encountered them yet or i couldn't find a good translation for them.

In-game commands and narration are mostly translated.

Unfortunately there is not much left to translate in Spanish translation, unless a Japanese translator contacts me, i will translate the remaining couch advices and other little spanish stuff in game and that is all.


i have an idea. why not look for a translation that is not a hack and then hack the rom with that translation. (of course you need to ask the person that translated it but you could possibly work together on translating it. you do the hacking and the other person do the actual translation.)


Guys. Need help. The link to download translation patch is not working. Can someone give a new link?