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Started by Q, August 30, 2015, 12:42:17 AM

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Final Fantasy V – The Ancient Cave is a Japanese hack that turns Final Fantasy V into a Roguelike game. You start at level one with no jobs and weak equipment and try to make your way through a 100-floor dungeon. Each floor has randomly generated treasure chests which can contain equipment, jobs, or magic spells. The monsters get harder as you progress, but you have a 10 minute time limit on each floor to prevent you from grinding too much.

There's actually already a translation patch by Sky Render, but it's a rough one that hasn't been updated in several years and I was hoping to improve on it. The patch uses lots of ugly-looking (in my opinion, anyway) abbreviations, so I'm trying to fix that by implementing "smooshed" letters and by substituting alternate names from SNES-era Final Fantasy games (Fire, Ice, Bolt, etc.) for the abbreviated versions of the current terminology.

I've already implemented the font used in the Legend of the Crystals hack, named all the magic spells and most of the items, and changed some other things around. I still have to go over the ability names, monster names, and some other stuff.

At the moment, I'm just focusing on what can be done without changing any text pointers. At some point, I might like to expand some things, particularly the very truncated item descriptions.

A couple issues I'm running into:

For items that don't have icons, I'm using all nine spaces so that I can fit some longer item names (like FenixDown, TurtleShell). Because of this, when I find one of these items in a chest, the first letter of the item name gets chopped off. So instead of getting a FenixDown, the dialogue windows says I got an enixDown.

The other problem I'm having is that I'm trying to implement more item icons like in the RPGe translation of Final Fantasy. I've succeeded in implementing the tent icon (for the Tent and Cottage) and the Drink icon (for Giant's Drink, Power Drink, etc.). However, when I try to add one of the new icons (e.g., the Glove icon) to the beginning of any equipable item, it causes the item to break.

I'll post some screenshots within the next few days. If anyone has any advice, particularly for the problems I mentioned, I'd appreciate hearing it.
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If you haven't already, you might want to chat with some of the folks on the ffv board at slickproductions.
I've never worked with ffv, but the ffiv crew over on slick is very knowledgeable, welcoming and helpful.
Signing up for an account can be a royal pain in the ass (the security questions are ridiculous), but even without an account you may be able to poke around and find the answers you're looking for...
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As for the graphical errors you mentioned, I ran into the same thing with FF4 (not the name falling apart, but the symbol space = missing letter). Basically the game's looking for something outside of the normal letters/numbers, so if you have space in the font (and it doesn't mess things up like you mentioned) just put the letter in the free area and try using that for the "symbol" instead.
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It turns out I was using an old version of the Sky Render translation. I was using v0.6, but I learned today that's there's a v0.8. The newer version uses SNES-style abbreviations, so I won't need to change as many names after all. I'm still going to implement the icons as I think they make it more clear what each item is. I'm also going to go over all the spells and items and replace some of them with the names I intended to use.
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