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Ninja Kun - Majou no Bouken (new enemies order)

Started by DANGER X, August 30, 2015, 05:27:12 AM

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I want to make a hack for this game with enemies order changed for example change stage 1 from all enemies trowing start to some red guys and a knight.

Here are some values and stuff I know:

Stage Select Raw code 0022: 00-FF
You and all enemies 0059: 00-05
Your hex value - 908

Every Stage have 8 enemies

1-Black guy
2-Red guy
3-White guy
4-Blue guy

Scene 01-Black guy x7+Black Bos
Scene 02-Black guy x7+Red Bos
Scene 03-Black guy x7+Red Bos

Scene 04-Red guy x7+White Bos
Scene 05-Red guy x7+White Bos
Scene 06-Red guy x7+White Bos

Scene 07-White guy x7+Blue Bos
Scene 08-White guy x7+Blue Bos
Scene 09-White guy x7+Blue Bos

Scene 10-Blue guy x7+Knight Bos
Scene 11-Blue guy x7+Knight Bos
Scene 12-Blue guy x7+Knight Bos

Scene 13-Knight x7+Black Bos
Scene 14-Knight x7+Black Bos
Scene 15-Knight x7+Black Bos

Scene 16-23451324
Scene 17-23451324
Scene 18-23451324

Scene 19-Starx7+Red Bos
Stage 20-Copy 0f Stage 02
Stage 21-Copy 0f Stage 03

Stage 22 and after are copies

Can someone help?
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