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Pokémon Fire Red - No Nurse Joy

Started by cutman2d, August 03, 2015, 11:21:35 AM

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I've been fiddling around with the Advance Map Editor and wanted to make a hack where every Pokémon Center in the game, and every other means of healing your Pokémon (except by using items) are removed.

I took on the "No Pokémon Challenge" myself on the first generation and had a really fun time with it.
It requires discipline and knowledge of your opponents and their Pokémon.
Every move will be used to it's fullest and you'll get another perception on the importance of items (especially ethers, TM's & elixirs) and money.

I thought the run itself would be funnier if you would be physically incapable of interacting with the nurses at any Pokémon Center.
So, it was a fairly easy job to remove the events that triggered the nurses into healing your Pokémon, so out of a little boredom, I also made a bit of rearranging of every Pokémon Center.

I believe the ROM challenge is done - although I haven't quite tested it all out yet.
I would like to upload the IPS file I created, but as I'm a newcomer, I'm still a tad unfamiliar with how and when it's ready for submission.

Would anyone even be interested in trying to take on this challenge?
The challenge is doable, but maybe I could still be in need of some feedback...

-I've removed every Nurse in every Pokémon Center... and mom. I've also erased mom  :'(
-I've also removed the two beds in the game you can heal at; the one on S.S. Anne and inside Silph Co.
-The healing spot in Lavender Tower has also been removed.

But, there is still a method if you'd really want to cheat:
Store a Pokémon in the PC and it'll be completely healed again....
Since I'm not a very good creator, and much rather prefers deletion and destruction, how safe is it to remove every PC in the game to prevent this? Any other workaround? Because I've considered it.
You'd be stuck with the first 6 Pokémon you chose to catch as far as I can tell...

Maybe there could be some other advanced way, like if you store any Pokémon in the PC, they'd be instantly released!
Unfortunately I've got no idea how to approach that method...

So... that's my current little project presentation.
I hope that it catches someones attention  :)
Feedback is always very welcome!