Translations: Family Jockey by Namco Translated in English

Started by RHDNBot, July 22, 2015, 06:43:36 AM

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Update By: mrrichard999

Here to announce Family Jockey by Namco has been fully translated into English! This classic horse racing game release back in 1987 is now fully playable to English speaking audiences. You can race with 1 or 2 players and there is also a game mode where you can place bets if you want to do gambling! Hope you enjoy the release!

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Nice one! I love it when these offbeat, early-ish games get translated. I'll have to go back and watch the Chrontendo segment about it.

That reminds me about the half-finished (more like 20% finished) Family Tennis translation I have kicking around...




Yep. That titlescreen's a pretty huge letdown compared to the original.

Game's fun though. It's built into my famiclone, IIRC.


Quote from: Chpexo on July 24, 2015, 07:14:54 AM
Nice to see some old games other than RPGs translated. The translation looks nice but the new English title screen looks disappointing when compared to the Japanese one but at least you translated it. I'm also not sure why you have credited but not the actual devs on the title screen.

I put the site down as that is where the patch originated from. It still says Namco in the big red letters on the screen so they still get the credit.