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Author Topic: Zelda3 Parallel Worlds and Remodel v1-2  (Read 2520 times)


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Zelda3 Parallel Worlds and Remodel v1-2
« on: July 14, 2015, 01:53:41 pm »
The unofficial versions of the 2 most known A link to the past hacks have been done.

Download IPS PW v1-2

Download IPS PR v1-2

Original file to patch to
Alttp US, No header, with the CRC32= 777AAC2F

When you patch it with the IPS, the hacked rom must have the CRC32
= 2271E4F5 for PW
= 5C4914FD for PR

1.) title screen fix (also tested) (ASM written by Icari)
2.) shovel in menu closes the annoing empty gap (ASM written by Conn)
3.) inserted the chest with Shovel via hex into Zelda's cell (ideal, since you get the shovel early but after at least one item), 2+3 also basic test done, also tested to allow ocarina+shovel in menu
4.) digging treasures hack insterted (ASM written by Conn), but further adopt of treasure: default was 20 rupees, 5 rupees, 1 rupee, magic (magic was obsolete, because of the green magic autofill, 20 rupees was too much - could get rich too early; changed treasures to: 1 heart, 5 rupees, 1 bomb, 5 arrows) basic test of digging done.
5.) flute fix (ASM written by Conn) - implemented, but in practice no need, since area 2A, which has the flute dig, gets absorbed by big area 21 (so no area 2A), flute can not be in the ground.

All features have a basic test done. The entire games were not yet tested. If however they are tested someday, this should be released as an addendum to still keep the "old/official" versions intact.
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