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Main site doesnt update its content quickly

Started by Felipefpl, July 30, 2021, 06:13:06 PM

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I posted about meka in the gaming forum and minutes later i checked the main site and the column "Recent Forum Posts" wasnt updated with my post but this happens all the time, pressing F5 doesnt change anything.

Btw, it would be to have a section called "General chat" or something like that, i'm a bit unconfortable posting here since this is a forum for something else, sorry for that.
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One of the site staff can go into specifics if you want but yeah updates need not be quick -- such a thing is probably more to entice the odd user into the forum ("look at what we are discussing", for which any given point is as likely to be as good as any other) rather than just downloading files. A lot of websites that want to drop the database load will also avoid having the database query happen for everybody that loads the page and instead have a premade cached one update every minute, 5 minutes, half hour... and serve that cached version out instead.


general chat was canned for non-patreon users last i heard unless it was permanently canned due to problems


Honestly, I'd be weirded out if the main site did anything quick.  At first I was irritated when random screenshots didn't even update every refresh, but the site's layout redo did cut the perfect pace compared to how relaxed the original layout was.