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Final Fantasy 4 - Cosmetic Changes 2

Started by Spooniest, July 15, 2012, 07:33:40 PM

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With permission from Joel Smith, the original author of the hack Final Fantasy 4 - Cosmetic Changes, I'm doing a bit of retouching work. What would be nice is to have the entire DS script in Final Fantasy 4 SNES, but before I can come anywhere near such a momentous task, I've got to get my feet wet hex editing. So far, I've corrected the typo mentioned in the readme, as well as two others. Also, I've got some screenshots of what I worked on today:



No doubt an experienced hacker would find this work quaint and probably less than novel, but I'm still an amateur, after all. :)

EDIT: I'm done for now, and plan on submitting a patch as soon as I'm done beta-testing it to check for errors.

Here's a mostly complete list of what I changed:

1. The soldier on the left in the main hall of Baron castle breaks verb tense. This was changed.
2. The soldier on the left at the table in the barracks says "at Mysidia," which was changed to "in Mysidia."
3. Rosa's line "You're not like that" was changed to the DS's "You're a good man, Cecil.."
4. Rosa's line "The real Cecil I know..." was changed to the DS's "Cecil of the Red Wings is many things..."
5. Cecil's DS line "I know what I've become..." was added.
6. In Mist Village, Cecil's line "WHY? King Baron! No!" was truncated to match the DS version
7. A Scholar in Kaipo refers to "A strange old guy by the Waterway..." This was changed to "A strange old guy in the Waterway"
8. The line about Edward's spoony-ness was put back in.
9. Cecil's beratement of Edward was toned down.
10. The woman at the bar in Fabul had a line where the clauses were inverted.
11. Kain's line "I intend to" at Fabul was changed to "Indeed."
12. Numerous instances of double exclamation points were removed.
13. The Fabul bartender says "helluva attack," which was changed to "helluvan attack"
14. During the interlude with Kain and Golbez at the start of Mt. Ordeals, Kain says "Take light of," which was changed to "Take Cecil too lightly"
15. Numerous instances of this "!?" were changed to this "?!"
16. After fighting Cagnazzo, Cid says "Whaddya mean? I'm not over-the-hill yet!" This was changed to "Whadaya mean? I'm not over the hill yet!"
17. In the village of Mist, one of the villagers says "Phantom Beast" and "Beast" wasn't capitalized. Now it is.
18. After fighting Barbariccia, Cecil says "But it was left at the Tower of Zott?" which is a statement, not a question. The question mark was changed.
19. Golbez's battle quote to Cecil was changed to the one from the DS version.
20. One of the Dwarves at the top of Jiott's castle says "Out of the unusual." This was changed to "Out of the ordinary."
21. FuSoYa says "between the fourth and fifth planet of the solar system." This was changed to "between the fourth and fifth planets of our star system."
22. One of the Moon Crystals talks about the Tower of Babil being destroyed, but this is meant to be referring to the Giant of Babil being destroyed. It now does.



we are in a horrible and deadly danger




Please, Spooniest. Use the "..." icon that's already in the game.

spooniest pls

In addition to saving space, it'll look a lot nicer than spelling out "..." every time, trust me. It's C3 in hex. Right now it will likely display as "...." but it can easily be changed.
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Perhaps some other time, when I can afford cigarettes again. :P


we are in a horrible and deadly danger


I was always taught, when someone is asking an emphatic question, that the question mark comes before the exclamation point. I'm really not sure where I happened to pick it up; it's just one of those things, I guess.


I personally think that !? looks better than ?!. Both are better than this though.


Quote from: Spooniest on July 16, 2012, 03:50:06 AM
I was always taught, when someone is asking an emphatic question, that the question mark comes before the exclamation point. I'm really not sure where I happened to pick it up; it's just one of those things, I guess.
There is no standard (other than in comics, but that comes from their own idiosyncrasies). '?!' is more common in English—about 2/3 of instances according to some guy's corpus investigations—but I personally happen to think it looks like ass compared to to '!?' (which, at least from what I've seen, is by far the more common style in Japanese and that's probably where it comes from in video games). Formal style guides that have anything to say about it tend to tell you to pick one or the other (and also to go easy on them), unless what you are trying to convey is a rather extreme hysteria. So at least with my understanding of your goals, you'd probably be better served by actually choosing the punctuation based on what is being said.

And I happen to share LostTemplar's opinion on the interrobang. Yech!

P.S. as for the ellipsis, always three dots. Followed by a period if necessary.
we are in a horrible and deadly danger


Remember in the SNES "Final Fantasy 2" when Tellah uses Meteo, and Golbez is suddenly one of the Ninja Turtles?

QuoteGolbez: No way!

EDIT: Patch is up.


I'm encountering a small issue in this patch I haven't seen anyone mention (after a quick google search). In the party menu, if a character is wounded, the first letter of "Wounded" is colored dark grey, and the rest of the letters are colored white. Is this a known issue/should I try another rom? Not sure what it's like in the original--if the status effect is all dark grey or all white when a character is dead. Also the Wounded status seems shifted one character to the left of the job class names, not sure if that has anything to do with the issue or not.

The rom I'm using is from the no-intro set (I think this means unheadered?) and I'm using bsnes.