Need feedback on what translations I should focus on

Started by Mikh, July 02, 2015, 01:35:50 AM

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Over the next 2 years these are some of the games I hope to get done translating. I'm curious what you guys think? Any games I should devote more attention too? Any games here you guys couldn't care less about?

Full Metal Alchemist - Stray Rondo
Full Metal Alchemist - Sonata of Memories
Detective Conan

Detective Conan - Legend of the Strange Rock Island - Done
Detective Conan -  The Cursed Sea Route

Akumajo Dracula X
Devil Summoner 1 (I believe someone else might be doing this maybe for the psp though)

Detective Conan
Mizzurna Falls - (I love this game think Shenmue meets Deadly Premonition)
Twilight Syndrome
Boku No Natsuyasumi
Racing Lagoon



I would say the first game you should translate is Akumajou Dracula X for the Sega Saturn. It's my favorite version of Symphony of the Night, I really like all the new content they added to that version. A English translated version of that game would be awesome.


I'd throw in my vote for Conan for the GBA, but whatever you're most passionate about is the best choice, I'd say!


Do you know hacking ? If not, find a hacker.

Then the best choice is the shortest scripted game among those easy to hack. It's not necessarily your favourite.


I played and loved some of the licensed manga games you mentioned (Detective Conan GBA ones) but I would advise against prioritizing low-budget "chara-games" over some of the other stuff in your list.

And if you're a fan of FMA, I suggest saving any potential efforts for the third PS2 game since the Enix PS2 ARPG trilogy puts to shame every other game derived from that manga/anime. The Wii games are modern-day FMV projects and it would be really interesting to see a fan-sub of a playthrough since the episode and animation is quite interesting, but that's that. Not even worth it as a game. The PSP tactical RPG spin-off is a disappointment.

Wasn't someone looking at Castlevania SoTN's Saturn port English script injection very recently here?

Your entire PS1 list (excluding Detective Conan) is really interesting - especially Boku no Natsuyasumi considering that series never got a single game fan-translated. You might find the PSP version more desirable though, just for the additions alone (and the PSP has all of the series except the third one). But some games in that series have vertical text.

Also, a translator is offering his services at gbatemp for the 3DS Detective Conan games but needs someone to help him with the hacking part. If you have a 3DS and a way to load modified rom images on it you might be able to help him if you really love the series :)

If you're new to romhacking, I recommend you start with DS games, get Tinke, Crystaltile2 and get familiarized with hex editors and loading Shift-JIS tables (those two have them preinstalled) and experiment with a game of your choice. Some are hard, most are straightforward. Try it


QuoteAny games here you guys couldn't care less about?

Saturn SotN. I'm pretty sure SCD is in the extreme minority here (sorry bud). He's probably the only person I've seen who both preferred the Saturn version and did not see the additional content as either lacking or feeling out of place (in some cases). I think it would be more worth while to try and port some of it's content to the PSX version (mainly Maria as a playable character) rather than doing ANYTHING to the Saturn version.

Other than that, it all sounds interesting. I'm disappointed not to see any SNES, but not everyone is as obsessed with it as I. It's my favorite console of all time (Yes, even the future).

I looked up Twilight Syndrome because I had never heard of it before. It appears that there are 3 of them for the PS1. Which one are you working on?
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Racing Lagoon please! Id be ok with the story not being translated.


On the one hand, Mizzurna Falls for the PS1 for its Twin Peaks-style open world setting,

on the other, the Saturn port of SOTN. The Saturn has so few fan-translations for it.

Whichever game you choose to work on, you've got a good list there, so good luck!


From this list - Mizzurna Falls and/or Racing Lagoon by far. Looked them up, and they seemed to be the most interesting (Boku No Natsuyasumi could also be a good choice later on I reckon).


Wake up guys! This thread is one year old. If the op hasn't made his mind yet it's likely he won't translate anything at all...


Quote from: tryphon on June 09, 2016, 04:50:42 PM
Wake up guys! This thread is one year old. If the op hasn't made his mind yet it's likely he won't translate anything at all...
Thank you!!!


Quote from: tryphon on June 09, 2016, 04:50:42 PM
Wake up guys! This thread is one year old. If the op hasn't made his mind yet it's likely he won't translate anything at all...

Holy moly! :o

That'll teach me to look at post dates before posting! ;D


I searched for Racing Lagoon and this came up. Also I check when he was last active and was May 28. Old post or not worth a try is all.


I'm dying for Racing Lagoon SLPS-02038

Supposedly the English is already there jus mus be unveiled..?


Please do not necropost. This is a five year old thread, OP last active over three years ago. (I think that is a publicly viewable statistic, if one were to check the likeliness of getting a response.)
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