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Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei experiment, need help

Started by SunGodPortal, June 20, 2015, 12:23:19 AM

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I need someone to help me with an experiment.

A little while ago someone released a translation of Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei. I was so excited but was quite disappointed when I found out that on my Powerpak it wouldn't go beyond the Atlus logo. It crashed every time. It worked on my comp, but I hate playing console games on a PC. Anyway, I remember asking about it on here a while back and recall that at least one other person had the same issue. I had no idea why it wasn't working and eventually gave up on it.

Fast forward to now. Earlier I was looking at the file sizes of some of the ROMs I had on my comp and noticed that the translated KMT ROM has an unusal file size. I don't recall what size, but it wasn't normal. I then remembered how there were various Zelda III hacks that had fucked save menu and naming screens because of file size issues. That gave me the idea to take Lunar Expand and expand the ROM from whatever size it was to the next conventional size, which was 2.5MB. I loaded it on to my Powerpak and for the first time, it worked!

*Here's where I need someone's help though*
In the time since first attempting to play this game on the Powerpak and now, I have replaced the original SNES Powerpak firmware with the one made by ManuLöwe (I think that's what his name was). The problem is, I won't be switching back to the original firmware and wouldn't even know how to (or if I can with my current equipment). SO, I need someone who has a SNES Powerpak with the stock firmware to take the KMT trans and expand the ROM as I did above and see if that makes it work under those conditions. If it does make the game function on the original firmware, then I'll contact the author and inform he/she with my/our findings so they can update their patch (if they feel like it).

Please and thanks.
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Sorry for necrotizing this but I thought it might still be interesting enough. I have just googled for powerk + kmt because it didn't work on my powerpak with original firmware 1.05 and landed here. It works now with the method you explained, thx a ton! :)