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Translations: King of Kings is now in English!

Started by RHDNBot, June 18, 2015, 10:07:39 AM

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Update By: MrRichard999

Here to announce the completion of King of Kings for the NES by Namco! This game which inspired Megami Tensei, is a strategy game where you the player must defeat Lucifer and his demons and reclaim the land. There are up to 22 different kinds of playable units in the game to select from in order to defeat the enemy. There is also a multiplayer mode in which up to 4 players can fight against each other as well if you wish to play amongst friends. For an old title the game is involved but if you like strategy games, you should give this one a try!

RHDN Project Page

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Every emulator I've tried gives an error trying to play this one, FCEUX and Nestopia do anyway, so what emulator can play this?


When any software gives you an error and you want to get help about it from other people, it's a good idea to say what the error is. That is, describe what exactly happens or copy the error message if there is any.
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Maybe you patched it with that bible game with the same title  :laugh:


Ah I see now, once again this site has the wrong info posted about CRC32 ect. Thus I grabed the no-intro version to patch without thought, when really you want to patch this to a non- No-Intro version of this rom.

Actual No-Intro details
What's on the site page


I post what the Hashtab program shows. Might be different than what you are getting.


No-Intro, as well as FCEUX' Message Log, both display hash information EXCLUDING the header.
What Mr. Richard posted is the hash of the ROM file (including header).
The files otherwise match.

The translation seems to work just fine for me in FCEUX. Maybe you're using a different version?
Or the ROM has a bad header. But if you use Hashtab and get the same file hashes as Mr. Richard, then it should be the same.

(the only time I had a problem with No-Intro verified ROM was Zynx' Quest of Ki translation because the ROM I had had the mirroring set wrong. Normally that wouldn't matter with MMC3, but Ki seems to actually be a Namco mapper similar to MMC3 but without mirroring control.
King of Kings however, seems to use a software-controlled mirroring so that shouldn't affect things.)

Header on my ROM, according to FCEUX
PRG ROM:    8 x 16KiB
CHR ROM:   16 x  8KiB
ROM CRC32:  0x369da42d
ROM MD5:  0xb86da9fffe656105e34ce8df4cd5e9d9
Mapper #:  19
Mapper name: Namcot 106
Mirroring: Vertical
Battery-backed: Yes
Trained: No
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