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Mario RPG play testers needed for new hack

Started by ThegreatBen, June 06, 2015, 08:39:00 PM

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I'm getting kind of sick of running through this and plus I want feedback as well so I'm submitting my Mario RPG "my way" hack, its basically a hard mode hack, I know there are lots but I felt they all changed too much so I made my own, it also eliminates missables.

here is the changelog

-Doubled all enemy hp
Inreased all enemy attack and magic attack by 30%

-Renamed Toadstool Peach and reordered her learned spells so she gets comeback and grouphug last
( she still learns them all by lv18 and still becomes the best character but she just wont completly break the game the moment she joins anymore)

Made Samus cameo last whole game.

Moved mushroom castle treasure to the ground so its unmissable.

Made it so you must beat pipe vault to get to Moleville.

made it much harder for Culex to run out of FP.

coins now go to 9999

added a trampoline to the end of smithy's factory

pickme ups cost 50 coins now and maple syrups recover half as much now

and lastly removed the abusable stars at lands end.

added a Luigi cameo in Rose Town (must disable layers to see)

so here is the link

I really need to know if Belome 2 functions properly, (he should now create two clones before ending his turn)

also need to know if it is overall hard enough.