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Building an editor : Which language and IDE to choose ?

Started by laserpitium, June 01, 2015, 11:08:21 AM

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I want to write a SRAM editor with a nice GUI for a game I've been reversing a bit.
I expect my project to be really small, maybe tiny.
It has to work on Windows XP and above, and I'd really like to run it on Linux too (on GNOME 2).

I'm considering which language and IDE to choose, as I used to program in C, but only for command-line tools. I don't mind learning another language.
I had a tiny experience with Java years ago. I would frankly avoid object oriented languages if I could, but I guess coding widgets pretty much requires it. What do you guys think ?

Which language would you recommand, and which IDE as well ?


Basic file IO, some more or less functional GUI and multi platform then.

You will be hard pressed to avoid object oriented languages these days. You do not have to use the concept all the time though and you can stick more with procedural if you want.

Anyway the obvious choice is one of the scripting languages like Python, Ruby, Lua or Perl. Java might also work (the multi platform stuff is a bit suspect though probably not for what you want) but I at least will thank you for allowing me to continue not having the Java runtime allow gaping security holes in my systems.
Python ( and ) is the most popular of those and some have called it the glue that holds modern computing together (I do not necessarily disagree) and Ruby tends to be used more in certain web dev fields (never encountered it around here but in other places it is the de facto one, even beating out php), Perl has fell behind a bit and Lua is not as popular any the others mentioned but it is used in emulators these days to have all sorts of fun extras ( ).


If you code a SRAM -> .txt extractor and a .txt -> SRAM inserter, you can effectively use notepad or such for the "GUI" part. This is probably not what you are looking for, but it is relatively easy to code. If you want a proper GUI, google "c gui", and use some simple cross-platform library for it (GTK+ perhaps?).


Thanks fot the insightful answer FAST6191, I never knew scripting languages could be used to code a GUI. I guess it shows how zilch I knew on the topic... After some thought, I think I found a winner in the list you suggested : Lua. I've an interest in scripting emulators so getting an experience with Lua is a strong bonus.

After further research, I've learned about GUI toolkits, so I have now to choose one between Tk, wxWidgets, GTK+, QT mostly, as I saw those all have Lua bindings.

I'm currently thinking of using Tk, as it seems suited for small projects. Still curious to hear what you guys suggest.

STARWIN, well the text editing extractor is not suited. I want it very "noob-friendly".

One more question : do I have to use a GUI Builder for such a small project ?