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Fire Red Multiplayer HELP

Started by Diskscratch, May 30, 2015, 02:50:22 AM

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I am new to ROM hacking in general and I am fascinated with Pokemon Fire Red. I have peeked around the internet and the only multiplayer feature that I was hoping to find was pokeMMO. I wish to replicate the multiplayer feature but only having up to four people running around instead of 4000. I need help from an expert and I want to make something everyone has dreamt of into reality. I need all the assistance I can get please help me.


Adding multiplayer on a system (home consoles are quite different to handhelds when it comes to multiplayer) and a game like this is a serious hack. If you want multiplayer GBA pokemon then some of the VBA link emulators (possibly also VBA-m these days) can emulate the link function and you can then do some combo of screen sharing or VPN (sharing is better as net play for GBA link emulation was never great) to get it done over the internet.
Having people run around on a world map represents something quite different, especially if you actually expect people to play the whole game rather than start with end level gear; if an event gives you a HM then the three others might not get it unless you hack that to do it, and there hundreds of such things in the average pokemon game.


I dont know about the multiplayer but event flags are easy to set to repeat, when activated they go from 0 to 1 even an action replay can lock events at 0


I can think of fixing some of the flaws you pointed out, changing the TM usage from 1 to 3. HM just showing up in the TM case. There could be bag fixes like  creating a category in the bag for shared items\key inventory. changing the gym battles to Triple battles and I was thinking starting out local as in having multiple emulators on one PC, My goal is to get at least two players. and once I learn more about hacking maybe increasing all the values by one (increasing amount of pokemon used by trainer(s) or number of items you receive when you pick up an item by how many players are going to be in the game.)) I'm learning back sprite changing at the moment so I can change the look of the players but I need help with the technicalities of the ROM