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Megaman 3 Improvement 2.3

Started by kuja killer, May 15, 2015, 11:57:54 PM

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kuja killer

This is a update, to Megaman 3 Improvement I started in 2012. It has dozens of bugfixes, improvements and most un-used graphics etc. being used. I've done a big overhaul ever since someone made an Intro story for megaman 3 recently. I made it become reality in romhack form and used MM3 improvement to do it on.

I've included a guide listing the most important settings so anyone can edit the story however they want. I hope people will find it useful. All the changes to 2.0 are listed in the readme/changes log.

** Please note: I've included a edited "megafle.dat" text file which is needed for the MegaFLE 0.701 level editor due to ROM expansion. It will allow you to further edit the 4 pictures for the story (like normal level editing) It will have to be placed in the megafle 0.701 folder.

The ROM has double graphics and programming space just in case a person wanted to utilize it. And because there was no room to even put any of those graphics in anyways unless i expanded.

** The primary main reason for MM3 Improvement is for this to be used as the base of anyone's own new Megaman or Rockman 3 romhacks in the future. I will be so happy to see if this was ever used for people's own romhacks.

Also, the "mm3 improve notes" was about me keeping track of all the changes i've done for 2.0. Except story intro and extra sound effects. It's if a person wanted to put things in manually, or avoid some updates. But probably useless to most people.

I waited until the entry page on was updated before i posted here (now it is), just only posted here and acmlm board, (just these 2 places only thats all). i thought this was maybe important enough to be here. hope that's OK.


Excellent work. However, there are still some things that I think should be fixed (as well as some optional suggestions):

  • On the stage select screen, have a sound effect play when a stage is chosen.
  • An explosion sound effect for when Chibees are released.
  • An explosion sound effect for when a Giant Metool is destroyed.
  • Make Rush teleport away when Rush Jet/Marine energy runs out. In the case of Rush Marine, have a little animation where the wind shield retracts to let Mega Man get out of Rush.
  • For the English version of the game, change the graphics for the batteries in Magnet Man's stage. They're sideways in the game, but when you put them rightside up, they look like this:

    There should be a similar merge of the letters L and W in the English version of the game.
  • Add landing SFX to the cutscenes where Mega Man absorbs the Robot Master weapons (particularly noticable in rooms with uneven ground) and the one in Wily 5 where Wily is revealed to be fake.
  • In the screens where you get Shadow Blade and Needle Cannon, have the word "and" appear before "Rush Marine/Jet", just like in the Wily Wars version.
  • Upon defeating all eight Robot Masters, have the password screen appear, and make the windows for Snake Man, Hard Man, Top Man, and Magnet Man break down sooner.
  • OPTIONAL: During the Doc Robot battles, use Chimerabot #2's boss music from Rockman 4 Minus Infinity (without the PCM drums that play after the second loop onwards, of course).
  • Upon clearing all of the Doc Robot stages, have the password screen appear.
  • Upon choosing Break Man's stage, have the screen fade out instead of blacking out instantly.
  • Upon clearing Break Man's stage, have the password screen appear.
  • During the cutscene before the Wily stages, have the background move when the star sprites do for a parallax effect. As it is now, having the background remain static in terms of motion while the star sprites move looks awkward.
  • An explosion sound effect for when a Kamegoro's shell explodes when left alone during the Kamegoro Maker battle.
  • An explosion sound effect for when the first phase of the Wily Machine is defeated.
  • OPTIONAL: When you defeat the Wily Machine, have the Gamma victory fanfare play instead of the normal fanfare. After Wily is revealed to be fake and Mega Man leaps backwards, play the normal victory fanfare before Mega Man teleports out.
  • Play the defeated SFX when you destroy the small head on Gamma.
  • In the cutscene when you defeat Gamma, have Mega Man face Dr. Wily once he moves into place. After a few seconds have an alarm sound play throughout the scene (only stopping when it switches to the "Epilogue" screen) and have the falling blocks make noises as they land. Add teleport SFX when Proto Man appears and SFX for him breaking the block on Mega Man.
  • In the ending scene where Dr. Light talks to Mega Man, replace his sprites with these more appropriate ones:

    The other sprites fit for when he tells Mega Man the distressing news of Wily's betrayal, but not when the day is saved and all is well. I got these sprites from the bottom of this sprite sheet which are rips from the NES games and well as MM9 and MM10.
  • When Mega Man leaves Dr. Light's lab in the ending, disable Dr. Light's animation.

kuja killer

Holy crap. Okay well i very much appreciate your suggestions and all truly already finished again.

I should of mentioned i dont accept any requests because that sort of thing will just go on forever and ever by people. And im not going through that endlessly.

also i did not want to change or add waaaay too much to the point that no one would ever consider using this for a megaman 3 hack. And also there's no room for any extra sound effects from other megaman games. There's absolutely zero free space to put in anymore of those 8 byte "instruement" settings.

That's why i considered this once again "final"


The lack of space comes to be, because of the method how MM3 utilises sprites.
Truth is, that no sprite in the ROM is mirrored.
However, to change which is normal for MM4-6, Kuja would need to reconstructure the entire game.
Though Kuja could upgrade the game with a MMC5 mapper (1028KB), it would go against his intentions for to keep this game hack friendly.

I had a lot of other suggestions for the improvement patch as well, but couldn't be realised due lack of space in certain banks.


Let me say "thank you" for making this hack. I just noticed this a few months back and was blown away. MegaMan 3 was great before (albeit maddenly difficult at times) but your work here has allowed this game to be ALL that it can be. Every NES game should have a hack like this. EVERY NES GAME.

Now could you just... heh, just kidding. You've done enough. :)
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Impressive...I will try and post back in a few.

update: I played through Snake Man, Gemini Man and Needle Man.

Good work! That's the first time I've ever fought these bosses without the game slowing down on me.

Other than that, it's all gravy imho. :) You nixed the slowdown!


I'll have to try this out when i get the chance. I like the idea of adding an intro, especially since without the manual, a new player would have no clue what the game's story is.

kuja killer

Quote from: Spooniest on May 16, 2015, 03:46:27 PM
Good work! That's the first time I've ever fought these bosses without the game slowing down on me.

Other than that, it's all gravy imho. :) You nixed the slowdown!

im glad you noticed that fact. yes, i was able to take out lag and slowdown a whole ton from the game "overall". the main method is by un-rolling some of the most important game routines that run "at all times" every frame.

This lag reduction is NOTHING compared to my game, megaman Odyssey (megaman 3 hack) though hehe :P odyssey is 10 fold more optimized with less lag than this :)

Rodimus Primal

Just finally had a chance to download this and play through with only Spark Man and Snake Man remaining. I have to say the intro is awesome. The subtle changes are worth it to improve upon an already great game. Realizing the first time that you don't fall off a ladder when coming out of the menu kind of shocked me because I prepared for the teleport and having to press UP. Glad that was fixed. Proto Man and the Met-als shoot sound effects are a nice touch.  I also found it cool that the item pick ups don't slow down gameplay. Also adding in Mega Man for the title screen for the US version is cool too.

Ironically though, I kind of miss some of the things this fixes. I ALWAYS used a slide then jump in Gemini Man's stage to bypass Proto Man simply because I loved that glitch and what it did to the stage. It even featured in Nintendo Power back in the day. I find myself still reverting to using the menu to switch between weapons as its muscle memory at this point. It was a bit jarring that since the item pickups don't stop the game, they fill instantly if you are sliding. The "DING" sound effect after defeating a boss just feels out of place even though I know Mega Man X does it. Also, Mega Man is two words and he spelled as one word in the intro.

Altogether though, this is a fantastic hack and it injects new life into an already excellent game.

kuja killer

if you'd like to reverse the energy thing, or the ding sound:
just posting only in case you didnt want it. :)

someone today posted on the other youtube video i made in 2012 for version 1.3 saying they wanted to reverse the energy thing. I dont know if they'll come here and see it.

3BE8B: (english) or 3BE49: (japanese)

ding sound back to normal weapon sound:
4177: (japanese and english)

Rodimus Primal

I thought about it but its not a bad thing in reality. The DING adds something but purists will absolutely hate it. The energy thing makes the gameplay faster but its cool that you can reverse it. I was more trying to give constructive criticism to an absolutely amazing hack. I just beat it and it was a blast to run through Mega Man 3 once again!

kuja killer

ah i see okay.

It was already there originally, the sound just didnt play because of the NES's sound limitations thing.

It could be heard though on the playstation 2 "megaman collection" though.


Hey Kuja.  I couldnt figure out how to hex edit. :-[  Is it not that hard?

kuja killer

just open hex editor in fceux, go to ROM file viewing mode, scroll down to the offset and copy-paste the hex in from the earlier post at that offset to put the energy recovering back to normal

here's a visual aid to show what i mean.


This sounds awesome! I will definitely be playing this when I have a break from my own project and school work. I love MM3 and anything that improves upon an already awesome game is worth checking out!!  :beer:
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kuja killer, are you familiar with Capcom Sprite Assembler? Because I'd like to edit some sprites but the offsets doesn't match, I'm getting tiles instead. Here's the code from its support folder for Mega Man III; this is for Protoman's sprites:

Quotespr_pal { F, F, 28, 16, F, F, 30, 37, F, F, 10, 15, F, F, 00, 00 }

pattern_load {

banks {

first_bank = 34010

CoordBank0 = 32010
CoordBank1 = 28010

DataBank = 0
SprPtrBank = 0
FramePtrBank = 0
CoordPtrBank = 1

BaseSprLo = 0
BaseSprHi = 80
BaseFrameLo = 100
BaseFrameHi = 200
BaseCoordLo = 1E00
BaseCoordHi = 1F00

DataMovable = 1

DataSegs {
  > start = 8300, end = 9BFF
  > start = A000, end = BDFF

PtrSegs {
  > lo_ptr = 8000, hi_ptr = 8080, entries = 80
  > lo_ptr = 8100, hi_ptr = 8200, entries = 100
  > lo_ptr = BE00, hi_ptr = BF00, entries = 100

CoordPointerAdd = 0
FramePointerAdd = 0
FrameTileNumofBase = 0
FramePageMethod = 0
CoordinateBankSelect = 1
CoordPairs = 1
DataParseSensitive = 1

start_sprite = 0
max_sprite = F

kuja killer

Change those offsets in only the first section "pattern load"

from 40010.....110...210...310
to 80010...110...210...310

the graphics now start at 80010 for mm3 improve, that's why

kuja killer

I've released 2.1 to the public now today. (link changed to acmlm board's uploader until the page is updated again).

It's the final update for the very last time. I did around maybe half of the suggestions from Nesboy's post. Plus more of my own edits.

Some of the things he said though, i could not do.



I decided to have an all 8-bit night last night and decided to really check this out while I was at it. You've basically created what feels like a whole new game here. It was just so.... well, FUN!! The funny thing is, your changes really helped to increase the pacing elements of the game, which until now I would have sworn were perfect the way that they were. MMIII has stood out along with II and IV as my favorites in the NES series, and those were the games that I thought Capcom got RIGHT. Guess I was wrong  :thumbsup: I was especially taken by the visuals. For instance, when I first went to Gemini Man's stage and saw the way that the stars in the background scrolled at different speeds, pure genius. The only 2 tiny, and I mean TINY, gripes that I had was that the ability to pause when "Breakman" encounters were entered into was taken away (what can I say? I always liked pausing the game to hear the whole whistle tune), and while the actual Breakman encounter and the plot event in Gemini Man's stage showed the cool transition to I guess "battle mode" for Breakman, the encounters in other parts of the game (I specifically remember Magnet man's stage) have you do battle with Protoman sans "Breakman" facemask (best way I could explain it). I'm not even complaining, just adding a suggestion if you ever do decide to do any more editing to this fantastic project. I'd love to see what you could do with other games in this series. Keep up the great work!!!
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