New here, how would you go about adding an image to a SNES ROM?

Started by CaptainCrispy, May 11, 2015, 09:37:27 PM

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I'm a sprite artist and would like to see if I could get an image running on a Snes. Yes, just a normal image, one frame. I have no idea where to even get started, googling it doesn't really seem to get me anywhere, so any help would be great, thanks!




It is easier on later systems but I do recall snes slideshow making homebrew being available, though very hard to find for certain versions. That and a flash cart are your best bet for something easy. If you want to program something basic then I guess it would be a reasonable way to learn basic SNES assembly, there are some options for higher level languages these days and a single frame is well within their capabilities..
Alternatively I am sure you could either find a ROM that has a developer title screen/credit/card and needs to press a button to advance. Or less arduous than programming something from scratch might be to hack on an "intro" as it were.