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Author Topic: Final Fantasy 7 - Retranslation Project (PSX)  (Read 221348 times)


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Re: Final Fantasy 7 - Retranslation Project (PSX)
« Reply #420 on: August 29, 2020, 11:18:43 am »
Thanks Goblin!
I'm a bit confused with how this works though. Touphscript is a program that I have to run by clicking on the .exe file and it asks me to dump or encode. I tried both and nothing happened. I never used this software before so I'm not familiar with how to see the script and to actually organize it in something like an excel or word file.  :-\
Can you help?

I think it needs to be executed in "admin mode". Put the touphscript folder inside the FF7 installation path. Also check the .ini file, you have to enable these options:

Code: [Select]
# Dump Text (specify which files to dump text from)
dump_flevel = 1
dump_world = 1
dump_scene = 1
dump_kernel = 1
dump_kernel2 = 1
dump_exe = 1

0 means disable, 1 means enable.


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Re: Final Fantasy 7 - Retranslation Project (PSX)
« Reply #421 on: September 01, 2020, 02:23:23 pm »
I've followed this re-translation project for many years now and excited a release might come around within the next few months to a year. Originally heard about this on Eurogamer way back on its original release.

If I am understanding this all correctly so far, the re-retranslation is complete :crazy:, complete with localization and grammar check.

Next steps are;

-Test the game on PC
-Port script to PSX
-Test script on PSX

I'm sure there are more steps to this or the steps are more technical than listed, I just don't want to get too excited yet on a release for a patch for the original hardware.

Cheers to all the hardworking people who are making this all happen.