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Mega Man X5 Improvement Project Addendum (v2.1.4)

Started by acediez, October 22, 2019, 12:15:57 AM

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Quote from: MastaGambit on September 28, 2023, 01:03:23 PMAh, thank you. :)  Do you know why I couldn't find it on the disc?
I squeezed a couple of shorter tracks within the length of one or two or the tracks I originally replaced. You might still hear them on a standard XA player if you play those tracks all the way through. Or maybe not? I don't know :laugh:

I didn't get too deep into understanding the XA format, I worked within the structure and metadata the files already had. The game has it's own internal tracklist in code, so that's where I actually manage the start/end of each track within the XA files.


This hack is perfect!  I just wish there was a version of this hack for the Japanese version but I imagine it would be difficult to do so since they are different isos and different codes.


I am new here, could someone tell me how to use the new mod?
the one in the first page is only the old med and a tool to use it, did i miss something?


Do you guys plan to add the incomplete armor sprites in this hack at some point?


Would it be possible to get a version of this romhack that keeps all of the changes except the names?

Almost every change in this romhack, I like, except that one. And that one kinda kills the whole thing for me (petty, I know).


Hello acediez,

Thank you, Your Addendum is really helpful

I have a question!!

I saw your workbook.

But I don't know how use this...

I open the Hxd and open the .bin file.

And saw the workbook...

What is address? and what number I change?

Plz help me.  :'(


Good day to everyone.

I love this Addendum, I would like to custom add the ability to destroy V-blocks with other weapons, I tried modifying the damage values of the weapons against V-blocks following the indications of the workbook, but it didn't worked for some reason, this method worked fine for other breakable blocks like the ones in the Whale, Firefly and Bat stages, so I am not sure with it didn't worked with the V-blocks.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.