Someone is selling my ROM Hack.... Should I be worried????

Started by The3Dude, May 07, 2018, 06:59:09 PM

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Worried? I don't think so. Angry? Perhaps. Also, I think linking to that is forbidden on these forums.


I have the impression that discussion on this topic is discouraged, but I am curious about people's attitudes too. The short answer is, there is nothing you can do. No matter your intentions, you violated Nintendo's copyright (i.e., broke the law) by modifying the ROM in the first place. The person selling cartridges with your modified ROM is essentially on the same ground as you, legally. It comes down to honor among thieves, and there is none.

My point of view is that people selling your work (Nintendo's work, with your modifications) should give you a portion of the sales, because they profit from work you have done. But they don't have to, so they don't.


But.... Guys my hack falls under (fair use) I have the cartridge (Meaning the original Zelda 1) and I uploaded a patch file (My work) not a ROM (Nintendo's work) If anyone were to get in trouble it would be ~The Seller~ Because he's making profit off of my ROM Hack.

Well I didn't break the law.... I'm just saying that there's no way (atleast I think) I could get into Trouble about this because all I did was post a (perfectly legal) Ips file not an illegal ROM.



This is a discussion that goes nowhere. People have strong diverging opinions on it. It's better to let it go.


This has been discussed before. Not really much new to say.
People will repro anything whether we like it or not. That is not an endorsement but a statement of fact. We can try to stop it but it's not probably going to be futile. Not unless the copyright owners sue the repro-makers or people stop buying them. Neither I see happening.

I agree that "let it go" and move on is the best option.
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