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Currently unnamed Link's Awakening hack

Started by Tetrahedrus, June 30, 2013, 10:17:20 PM

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Nice to see a post by you, Jigglysaint. Although Nightmare's Illusion was never finished (to my knowledge—is there a completed version??), I still think the work you put into the "sex edited dungeons" was amazing. This little hack of mine won't be as impressive, but I like to think it will be enjoyed nonetheless for what it is once it's finished. Regardless, Celice has the right idea.

Haha Bahamut ZERO, thanks for those names. Some of them are kinda tempting. I have some names in mind but I am still not sure. I'll just worry about it later. I appreciate your enthusiasm about playing the hack—I hope you and others will get to see it someday!

After completely starting over with my seventh dungeon, I am back up to over 25% done room-wise. I had kind of a quick start, but as always, progress slowed down, but oh well. As I mentioned in a revised first post, I have revived a Twitter account that I will use occasionally for smaller updates and news and stuff. By "occasionally," I of course mean only slightly less infrequent than this thread.

Follow me here if you are so inclined:


I have made decent progress on the seventh dungeon, but I've also been occasionally working on the eighth dungeon to give myself a change of pace at times. However, aside from working slowly but surely on these levels, I have also been spending considerable time getting into ASM hacking. It's a slow go for me but I think I'll be able to do a few things. It's taken time away from the dungeons, but I think it's worth it. Once the seventh level gets pretty close to completion I'll release some screenshots; that'll likely be the next post. Slowly but surely, it's still going.