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Fixty Sour's Misc. Modifications

Started by FixtySour, April 20, 2015, 09:14:03 PM

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I made a thread for most of what I'll be doing since it'll probably be rare that I make any changes to a game that are large enough to deserve their own threads. Anyways...

I always thought the title screen to Castlevania 1 looked like puke, so I decided to make my own new logo that not only looks less like puke, but also more closely matches the logo used on the box art than the one actually used in-game (which is too flat). Anyways, here it is:

It could use a bit more centering, but I'll fix that later. Only major issue is that in-game, since I lowered "Press Start" from where it was on the original title screen, the tiles still flash farther up where it used to say "Push Start Key".

Next, I've redone the Dracula's Curse title screen so that it more closely matches the Japanese logo, since I always thought Akumajou Densetsu had a super rad logo compared to the US localization. I'm not sure how to insert this one (for the CV1 logo I used the title screen editor in Stake), so it's still a mockup and some areas may have more colors than allowed. It should mostly be conforming to the color restrictions, though.


You should include a screenshot of the original title screens for comparison.