Final Fantasy 1 NES Bugfixes and Enhancements Patches info

Started by Duke2go, April 06, 2015, 07:02:28 PM

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While I was searching for information about how to make the ocean animated in my Final Fantasy Reconstructed project, ideally similar to Grond's Final Fantasy, I came across a number of Final Fantasy related message threads. This one was very useful and had hex values for step-by-step hex editing in patches and bug fixes. I wanted to share for anyone else who might be attempting, or will attempt, a Final Fantasy 1 NES hack.

I'm still searching through the different available resources, and I will post more information that I think might be useful.
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Rodimus Primal

Interesting. I was reading over the code and I wonder if the B Button dash would work on Final Fantasy II (J) as well. When I attempted a renaming project, adding that was one of my goals. Grond was able to implement it to the dual Final Fantasy I + II ROM.