What are your favorite android/iphone oldschool-esque (FREE) rpgs?

Started by travel27, March 23, 2015, 10:18:24 PM

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A few off the top of my head:

Seed 3 - Played on both the iphone 4 and android tablet.  Very fun game.  Did not like seed 1 and seed 2 ad much.
Aurum Blade - Again, tons of fun
Destinia - A pretty fun game, though not as solid as Seed 3 IMO.
Illusia 2 - Interesting side scrolling action rpg, not too bad, had fun beating it.
Third Blade - Kind of reminded me of Rent a Hero without the story and with swords.  Side scrolling/beat em' up/rpg.

Those were all free, really fun and old school feel to them.
Anyone else?  What do you like?



No one?  eep

I will add a few more.

-End of Aspiration

Anyone got some they dig a lot?

90s Retro Gamer

Does anybody remember the Palm Pilot?
There was an oldschool-esque Dragon Ball Z RPG. I played this back in 2001.
Amazingly, I can't find it even with Google!
Anyone know what I'm referring too?

Look up Linux RPGS (and turned-based strategies if you are interested), if there's one that you looks appealing, search the title plus the string "on android". These Linux games are open-source so people "source-port" them to other platforms such as Android/iPhone relatively quickly. I believe "FreeDroid RPG" an isometric RPG starring Tux the Penguin is available on Android. Also "Flare" and "CrossFire".



Doom & Destiny
It's a tribute/send-up of... Well, a lot of classic games (rpg and otherwise - there's an entire chapter of the game based on classic super mario) and geek-flavored pop culture.
The dialogue is terrible, and the jokes are merely chuckle-worthy at the best of times, but the game itself is immensely fun.
Recommended highly if you're into classic Final Fantasy (read: anything X and under).
Ongoing project: "Final Fantasy IV: A Threat From Within"

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Funny you should post that.  I actually had that game on my little nokia smart phone, about 6 months ago, but the screen was too small.  On the same day you posted that, maybe within the hour, I downloaded it for my samsung 8 inch tablet.  A few hours later I had come here and saw that post.

Across age 2 is also tons of fun, at least the trial.

Kemco seems to be making some real solid 16 bit rpgs (also made end of aspiration).  I also played Machine Knight which was really great and so far, stones of life seems real solid.  Of course, tons of stinkers too, gods war was really bad.