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Can't find 3 SNES SA1 games.. Odd??

Started by gc8tech, March 17, 2015, 06:19:58 AM

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Hello All,

Been doing some work with the special chip SA1.

But i can't find the rom of 3 games.
shin shogi club, shogi saikyou and shogi saikyou 2.

Are these rare games? I've looked on ebay.. not many copies there.

Anyone know?

Thanks, D.


Did you try searching for the non transliterated titles too?


I searched Google for them, Looked for them on ebay, Looked at some emulator / rom sites etc...

Maybe they haven't been dumped yet?

Just thought it was odd..



I have them as part of the No-Intro SNES set.

Shin Shougi Club (Japan).sfc
Shougi Saikyou (Japan).sfc
Shougi Saikyou II - Jissen Taikyoku Hen (Japan).sfc