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Google code shutting down

Started by FAST6191, March 14, 2015, 07:47:56 PM

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Wasn't quite sure where to post this but I did not think an off topic would be the place for it.

It was mentioned on IRC so I thought I would mention it here, mainly as quite a few ROM hacking tools and projects were hosted (source and binary), there is still a decent amount of time left to grab things but hey. I am unable to find out what goes with the google pages (various devs mixed and matched google code and google pages-- )

I do not doubt many of us have witnessed this a few times now (be it free hosts, ISP locked hosting, geocities...) but I must confess I had not expected it from google just yet.

From my bookmarks related to hacking, I have not checked all of them yet (loveemu has done an awful lot of work with sound formats on all sorts of consoles, and is/was instrumental in a lot of GBA and DS sound work, including updating VGMtrans though that should now be on github) (tinke is an all in one DS focused hacking program) (nice compression tools for the GBA/DS, including java builds. Superseded by for most people but still a nice program) (not really ROM hacking but hey) (some code for various things to do with the DS ismart flash cart) (one of my favourite tile viewers, probably the most extensible that I know of) (a general 3d viewer but a nice one people can twist to some of the more custom stuff seen in compiled games) (wood was based on the open source code from the acekard team, it eventually did lots like the akaio, woodr4 and more though several of those were closed source, I should have a tarball somewhere if someone wants it), they also released various DS ROM dumping tools. brings up a few more things

A lot of those are some very nice tools and format specs coming out of Brazil based hacking sites.


 :o Many swear words come to mind...
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Someone could upload the romhacking-related tools to this website, right?

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Why is Google Code shutting down? What reason did Google give for doing this?
Quote from: ze10 on March 18, 2015, 02:24:17 PM
Someone could upload the romhacking-related tools to this website, right?

I hope someone will do this. By the way, this is exactly the reason why a few months ago I advocated a complete RHDN torrent with all the dox, utils, trans, hacks, and homebrew available via P2P file sharing.  I was accused of "promoting hoarding" when instead if we had an RHDN torrent and this website ever went offline for whatever reason, all that data would be distrubuted and preserved. The only legitimate objection to my proposal was that it would be very difficult to get permission from every single content-creator on this website to distribute their files.


Google and GitHub are providing a tool to easily migrate projects over to GitHub. It only took about 5 minutes to move all tools I've built. Many of the other tools have already made the switch but you don't have to be the owner of the project to clone it in GitHub (Google only accepted open source projects in the first place). In terms of preservation I think it's better to export the projects to GitHub because it's accessible to a wider audience than torrents & file-sharing sites. I assume most would prefer to browse and view the source in their browser rather than download a point-in-time archive and hope it has what they're looking for.


It is sad that some of Google's own tools are only hosted on, such as this:

Incidentally, this tool also uses a now-deprecated YouTube API...



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Personally, I like, but if you plan on making your utility closed-source, I guess it's not an option (although remember there are open-source licenses other than GNU-license)