High poly count / HD for tekken 1 (or any ps1 game): is it possible?

Started by nesrocks, March 05, 2017, 09:39:15 PM

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Is it possible in some way to have tekken 1 running exactly the same but with high poly count models and high res textures? In an emulator or something? I know the models have bones (which involves skinning) but in this game the vertices seem to always have 1:1 bone skinning, so that wouldn't be too difficult, if it is possible. Maybe via a epsxe plugin?
Am I dreaming too much?

I imagine it would involve some sort of hacked ISO along with an overclocked ps1 emulator of sorts. I think it really is more work than it is worth, but I could be missing something.



The PS1 3d system is usually considered pretty strange compared to PC ones of the time and ones today. Fine to work within its confines* but start expanding it in any way (even widescreen mods are not as "easy" as they are for other systems) and things get quite troublesome.
That said if you are going to use emulators then jamming in a new texture, and maybe pressing subsurf, before presenting it to the PC render pipeline (assuming it does not just go out over 2d) would appear to be an easier way than trying to expand the system being emulated. I have not really looked into PS1 emulator plugin development though, though if it is in any way comparable to the N64 and gamecube lot, which do such things all the time, then OK.

*a really nice writeup I saw once concerned swapping models in from the same game, which is often a thing done by hackers playing with the game. In this case racing as a boss in crash team racing and how it ran out of memory on some levels as result.

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I dont think its going to work, until you change game engine. :-\
I ported ps2 & even ps3 character models from persona games to P3P, also I ported some Wii Tales of Graces models to Tales of VS on psp. But if you just put model as it is, game probably lag or even crash. Engine of ps1/psp cant handle models like that. & simple emulator not going to help you, because you need to accelerate game itself. For make better quality models work you need to low poly models to some extent & experiment with game to know, how much torture it can handle. For example to make models from P5 into P3P I compressed them from about 13000-15000 poly to about 5000-6500 poly. Then game can handle them & work. But even then you can use only one of this quality models on screen at once or game will crash anyway.
Games that do not give me desired characters playable, or that have single playable character are not worth my time.


Yeah I understand that, I imagined something more along the lines of a layer of "skin" on top of it all. Something akin to how lua scripts can draw stuff on top of the game itself on some emulators, or how the HD sms or nes emulators work.

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By this method why not, but do we have HD emulators for ps1???
On PC maybe you could use texmod tool to make better quality textures, this way you dont really need to import them into the game :huh:
Games that do not give me desired characters playable, or that have single playable character are not worth my time.