[Nes Roms] help - Looking for program to test Fonts Design

Started by q8fft, March 07, 2015, 09:41:25 AM

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hello, i really need help to find or Is there a program to test Font without play game using emulator ?

coz i don't want play game ever change in game to view how look like the font.

i hope my question is clear.



Take a screenshot of your game.

Use photoshop to record an action of you pasting the font, letter-by-letter over the characters on the screen.

Paste in a new font.

Play the action.

See the results.


I'm sure is my question is not clear , anyway this Feature what i talk about

i see it in KiddEd

is to bad only for 1 game and not Nes. i hope some one have same idea.