Huang Di : Zhuolu zhi Zhan and FCEU Debugger: Need HelpFixing Jump Bug

Started by XDel, March 03, 2015, 01:28:55 AM

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Hello, I am trying to learn my way around FCEU's debugger using the methods I've found on the net that are good for people like my self who know next to nothing about assembly.

The example I have shows you how to keep your invincibility star till the end of a level. Though what I would like to do is cap off the jump height in the game Huang Di, as it allows you to jump infinitely, or eternally float if you keep pressing, or hold the jump button.
When you press the jump button, it does not seem sensitive as to how hard you press it, you always jump the same height.

With that in mind, I would imagine this would be something easy to detect and easy to come up with a Game Genie code so I could use Game Genie Guy to make an IPS that fixes this game once and for all, minus a translation of course.

More info about this gem here:

Guide I've Followed: