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Ladysword help?

Started by travel27, February 25, 2015, 10:26:18 PM

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This is a shot in the dark:

"Hello, not sure if this game is fresh in your mind or if perhaps you have some maps.  I am on the third floor and seem to be in an endless loop.  It is a square room with about a dozen different doors, 3 in the center.  Most lead to nothing, a few lead to another place on the 3rd floor where three different long hallways meet and in one of the hallways one guy asks me if I want to give up on looking for the Ladysword.  Finally, in this square with about a dozen doors,  One door, in the very center, leads downstairs which also seems to be and endless circle that I can not escape from.

Not sure if that makes sense, I can try to take a pic of the room in question.
Any ideas on how to progress?
Or any idea on who I might be able to contact via email?


I had made a map of the third floor of Lady Sword for kicks when I tried to map out the entire game, but kinda stopped due to other projects in the way.

I don't know the accuracy, but I'll PM you the map and maybe it'll help you out.


Thanks!  I am going to look at it and it should help.  How many floors are there?

PERFECT:  On the 4th floor now.  Music changes too.  Thanks so much!


I'm glad that my map worked out for you!

There are ten floors total, so you're almost half-way there. The later floors get much more complicated, I remember being stuck a good bit around Floor 6 or 7.


Ya, I got a good way into the 6th then fell down a few pitfalls, warped a few times and am totally disoriented now....I am on the 4th or 5th floor any other maps?  I thought the 3rd floor map was gamefaqs quality...any way, thanks!!


I have stopped mapping around the fifth floor, but I have sent you a rough draft of what I have of 5F.

Unfortunately, there are no maps available that I could find from Lady Sword, Japanese or otherwise. Thus the reason I took it upon myself to map them.


Thanks for making the effort and bummer.  I am on floor 10, or at least I think I am.  Got the ladysword and kind of running around in circle trying to end this...seems to be the theme, this game loves to send you in circles!

EDIT: Finally beat it.  Let me tell you, navigating those maze like floors was not always easy.  Enemies and even bosses were super easy though.  wish there was more to the game, like magic, if it was more complex it would have been better.  Being able to save everywhere also defeats the purpose of the pits, mostly, and some of the annoying warps.  Plus you just save and can heal unlimited times..unless you come across the dream monster, than just reload and try to sleep again.


I'm glad that you were able to beat the game! I do have to agree, some of those floors can be quite disorienting.

I enjoyed Lady Sword, but there was more it could have done. The inclusion of magic would certainly change things up.

I also would like to see more variety in the color of the floors. For example: The earth floor is more brownish compared to the water floor which is more blue. Seeing the exact same color scheme for ten floor gets quite boring after a while, but at least there's the change in music.