PVP2ACT - (DC/NAOMI) Palettized images to .png/.ACT

Started by VincentNL, March 20, 2023, 09:16:51 AM

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PVP2ACT allows you to easily convert palettized PowerVR images (.PVR /.PVP) to .png / .ACT (Adobe Color Table) files.

All you have to do is select your .PVP/.PVR files and it will take care of converting palettized images to .png with .ACT palette!
From there you'll be able to load / edit your image properly and also load an .ACT file to preview different palettes on it.

QuoteWhy .PVP?

Due to low memory usage / high quality within 256 colors, fonts and HUD often use palettized .PVR + .PVP format.
If you ever faced them before you know they are tricky to edit:

1) Palettized .PVR --> .png most likely mess up the original color palette order, resulting in a different .PVP after modification
2) .PVR name may not match .PVP, so it's unknown which is the correct palette to use.
3) Pal4/Pal8+mips/stride palettized images aren't properly supported by most common PVR viewer tools, including WinPVR.

So, here comes PVP2ACT!

*** Please note ***
If no matching name .PVP / .PVR is in the folder, a correctly indexed grayscale .png will be exported.
You'll just need to load .ACT files to find which is the correct one!


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