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Author Topic: Detective Conan: Saikou no Partner (PSX) - graphics  (Read 2411 times)


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Detective Conan: Saikou no Partner (PSX) - graphics
« on: February 11, 2015, 07:21:51 am »
Hello everyone. Recently I've been working on a translation project of the Japanese PSX Game "Detective Conan: Saikou no Partner" (developed by BANDAI). Texts are quite easy to extract since the are not compressed, so I've completed the extractor and the insertor with no problems.

Next step was looking for the font. Taking into account that this game works on PSX, my first attempt was looking for TIM files in the ISO, which worked out perfectly since I found 309 TIM headers with my TIM graphics extractor (and in addition, just in any chase I looked for these files with Tim2View too, getting the same result). Thing is, 108 of these are 4bpp TIM files (which correspond to the character graphics that the game uses). These can be converted to PNG with no problems.

Problem arises when I try to convert (either see with the viewer) the other files, which are 71 of 16bpp and 130 of 24bpp. These ones are quite weird.

At first sight, this kind of picture resembles the ones that are swizzled (here I must say that I'm still a beginner in terms of compression, so sorry if I say somethig weird), but the WxH are quite rare for a PSX game, and after talking with other people about this, they said me that PSX doesn't work with swizzled files, so... ok, these files shouldn't be swizzled.

Taking a glance to the code of one of these files, I don't recognise any ZLIB compression magic number either, then I presume that these graphics aren't ZLIB compressed either.

So... I can only think in a custom compression that BANDAI used for this game, but how I can find the decompression method or where, that's something I don't know. By the way, I don't know how works MIPS either, or any ASM. Looking for info in the net, there are some people that recomends using one of the PSX emulator's debugger, doing a dump of memory and looking for the graphic inside it. But I understand this method in just theory, and not how to do it in a practical way.

Has anyone of you worked with a file of this kind? Did you ever found a way to decompress it, or look for its decompression method?

I'll leave here one TIM file if anyone wants to take a look:!qIJCiYBT!2fQ707F76bliQHrkKR9pSFH-HM6Y3kS1oGR-50bm1vU

Thank you in advance.  :)
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