My Pokemon Fire Red rom hack is ready for beta.

Started by GrinchyIzzy, February 09, 2015, 12:39:05 PM

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I've been working on this hack for quite some time now, and I'm to the point where I feel like I can't finish it no longer, and may give it to someone else to finish it, but I can make it a beta at the time being right now. A lot has been done. I'll copy and paste my notepad in there.

Gym Leaders, Gym Trainers, Your Rival, and Giovanni, and E4
have increased levels, more pokemon, and higher AI level (Artificial Intelligence),
to make the game a bit more challenging. Cash was upped, so you earn more.

The levels are not too high to make you want to smash your head.
However, they were increased with AI increase. It will be challenging.

E4 Normal Run and Rematches have been increased by 10 levels.
Example, If Gyradose was level 54, it's now 64. And if the rematch was 64. It is now 74.
Expect a challenge.

--- New moves via leveling, or Hm's ---
Pikachu can now learn the HM Surf. Replaced Lv 50 Scary face with Volt Tackle
Alakazam can now learn shadowball.
Zangoose has several changes, new moves, and new pokedex entry.
Several Pokemon had there pokedex changed, eg. Magikarp, Tentacool, Zubat. Etc.
Slight humor was added.
(I'll be editing this more often)

--- Small Edits ---
I gave Misty a Psyduck, for the hell of it.

Edited very few text just to add a bit humor.

--- Shop Edits ---
Celadon shops been edited, The TM Shop has been replaced with TM 02, TM 24, TM 25, TM 26, TM 29, & TM 50.
Added a pokeball only shop. Masterball, Ultra Ball, Net, Safari, Repeat, Timer, & Luxary.
Vitamins price have been cut in half. 4900 each.
I also added Sun stone and moon stone, to the stone shop.
Masterballs, Rare candies & PPMax is now obtainable.
Masterball Price - 12000, Rare candies - 5000, PPMAX - 8000.
Pokemon League item shop was modified slightly. (PPMAX & Rare Candy Added)

--- Legendaries --- (Excuse the caps)
LATIOS, LATIAS, GROUDON, KYOGRE, AND RAYQUAZA, Can all be obtainable at Altering Cave.

----The Pokemon Below may change, depending if I figure out how to Repoint new grass/cave etc areas---
CELEBI & JIRACHI, Can be obtainable at Birth Island Grass.
Mew, I haven't decided quite yet, I may put it with Celebi and Jirachi.
--Pokemon that require a ticket to access will be obtained. You will be able to buy the ticket.--
If The buying the ticket doesn't work, I'll change that.

Other than that, I'm not making the game able to catch all pokemon, because it takes way too much time, and I'm already starting another hack for zelda, which is why I may have to give my work off to someone else. But if anyway is up for beta testing let me know.