Shiren Gaiden: Asuka Kenzan (Dreamcast) - English Translation

Started by sharksnack, July 02, 2022, 12:04:01 PM

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Hey again, it's time for yet another Mystery Dungeon post!

So the translation side of Shiren 4 Plus (PSP) is finished, which means I've had some free time to look into translating the long-awaited Shiren the Wanderer Side Story game where you play as Asuka instead of Shiren.

It's been about 2 months, and it's at a point where I can show a decent amount of progress.
(File count wise, I'm currently working on the 4th file out of 33 files total)

However, I could really use some help on the text extraction/insertion side of things. Some of the files are a complete mess, and I'm currently unsure if I'll be able to solve them on my own - if interested, please post a reply, or if you prefer Discord, I'm usually around in the Shiren Discord server.

Translated areas:
- Some scrolling messages
- Item names, descriptions
- Character names, descriptions
- Skill names, descriptions
- Writing on blank scroll
- Unidentified item auto-complete
- Some menu options

The font was changed to a custom one (right side) which matches the JP font more closely:

(Changing the font to a VWF is above my skill level for now)

Other screenshots:


Hell yeah! Can't wait to finally play this on Redream. Having more Shiren titles in English is always amazing, even though they might not be as good as others


Always is a good time to see more love to Shiren!  Good luck in this project, dude!


Looks nice. Do you also plan to translate the Windows version?


I currently don't plan on translating the PC version, not due to a lack of interest, but because I don't know how to access the game's files that contain the text (excluding story text). If someone were to solve that part, I could probably port the Dreamcast version's translation to the PC version.

That said, there is an item name translation available for the PC version - though that's literally all that's translated, so it's not much.