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Small tool for Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Started by chromatin, February 05, 2015, 10:42:17 AM

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There's already Kirby's Return to Dream Land Level Editor (ReturnToMap) made by wwylele.
When I found it I was very impressed and translated a part of this Editor into Japanese.

I found that it doesn't have the function of changing size of level and making blank level. So I tried making the tool for complement. And I managed to make it works. I'm not sure if possible because of lack of my knowledge about programming, but I will implement simple GUI to make it easier to use. If you notice points to be improved, please reply.

The tool itself (comment is written in Japanese but I will rewrite it in English later.)

Level structure (I translated wwylele's document into Japanese and added an information of Section 6. I will add more information and translate it into English later.)