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Lazy Shell Palette Corruption

Started by vince94, January 23, 2015, 09:54:15 PM

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I'm using Lazy Shell ( to tweak Super Mario RPG dialogue and item text, and this keeps happening over and over again.
Something in the editor seems to be changing the World Map Overlay palette (and the menu cursor palette too) into some kind of corrupt brown mess:

Since the glitch pops back up every single time I go into Lazy Shell to change something, I imported the original palettes from a vanilla ROM and made myself a simple IPS patch for when this inevitably happens in the future.
Is anybody else encountering this weirdness?


Do the developers of Lazy Shell know about this? :-\
EDIT: ...I guess nobody cares. Oh well!


This bug seems to be a rare case, but some..including myself have indeed experienced it before.
I'll talk more about it here:


I've had a similar problem, except mine was glitching Mushroom Way's battlefield palette.

It stopped happening as I switched to the version 3.4.
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