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Game Tweak/Improvement ASM file submission

Started by Madsiur, April 24, 2016, 01:15:15 PM

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I did not wanted to post this in site talk and it's sort of a newbie question. Can I submit a game improvement ASM files as a Game Hack or does it necessarily has to be a patch? Sometime an ASM file can be more convenient for customization and locate the code where you want. In the case I can't submit only an ASM file (with readme) can I include a "default settings" patch with the ASM file so my submission be acceptable?



If it's allowed I'd suggest including both in the zip. The patch and the asm + notes.


That would be the better method.
An alternative might be to treat it as a custom patcher situation and include a program that can apply the ASM files to the ROM.


Think about it the other way around. You'd be submitting a patch with included source code and notes. That is perfectly acceptable and a great thing. You can include anything you'd like in the archive with the patch. The patch is the common denominator though.

The custom patcher that works with .asm files that FAST6091 mentioned is also an interesting and acceptable idea.
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